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Stress at work/signed off

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Makey Sat 18-Jun-11 08:52:08

I'll be 12 weeks next week (or so we think as unsure about dates) and have my scan on Wednesday.
The last few weeks at work have been pretty stressful. I wouldn't say I have a stressful job but it's the frustrating situations and incompetant Managers that make me stressed. Both Thursday and Friday I took a mega in the office and came home after only a few hours at work, difficult thing is I've not yet told my boss I'm pregnant.
Anyway my doctor wanted to sign me off till I was over the 16 week mark, I said no way, so we comprimised and I've been signed off for two weeks. He's not mentioned pregnancy on my sick note.
This is going to go down great at work expecially as it will be over month end which is the busiest/most crucial time.

How do you cope at work if things are getting to you?? Normally I'd sit and chunter but lately I've been raging!

Moodykat Sat 18-Jun-11 09:28:56

I mostly cried when things were stressful! But you know what? Some things are more important than work and when you are growing a baby that needs to come first...its easier said than done but give yourself a break, if the Dr signed you off then he obviously thinks its best for you and your baby.

Makey Sat 18-Jun-11 16:18:27

Thanks, yeah I've cried too. I've been in this morning just to email my boss, tie a few things up and put my out of office on.
Time to chill and not think work thoughts now cause your right baby cones first! Thanks smile

GemmaReeto Sat 18-Jun-11 16:33:31


I had a terrible time at work around the 11-13 week mark (also before I told everyone I was pregnant). I was letting things stress me out so easily, I cried every day at work for like 3 days which is totally unlike me!

If your doctor is willing to sign you off then he must think there is good reason to and I would accept it and have a rest for a couple of weeks. People at work probably thought I was being a right bitch and a bit of a mardarse but as soon as I annouced I was pregnant everybody understood why I had been feeling as I did.

I totally understand why you feel bad about it being the busy time at work as its the same where I work but you need to think of yourself. You are allowed to be off work and whoever is there (i.e. the incompetant managers) will have to suck it up and deal with it!

Hope you feel better soon smile

Makey Sat 18-Jun-11 18:36:03

Thanks GemmaReeto good to know I'm not the only hormonal monster.
I've bitten most peoples heads off these last few weeks but then I do apologise, they must think I'm a right loon, well they think that anyway so even loonier now ;)
Thanks again smile

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