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Does rest/sleep really make babies grow in the womb?

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DitaVonCheese Fri 17-Jun-11 21:58:05

Evening all. I'm fretting. I'm 35 wks with #2 and have measured small (though within normal ranges) for dates fairly consistently, including being sent for a growth scan a couple of weeks ago as my MW was worried.

It isn't a massive surprise really as DH isn't large and our DD is pretty diddy (9th centile for height at 2 yrs, down from 50th centile (for weight anyway) when born) but I'm worried because my MW has told me a couple of times now that getting enough rest will help my baby to grow and I'm just not getting enough sleep and am worrying that I'm damaging him.

It's partly unavoidable because DD's sleep has gone completely tits up recently, plus I'm up at night to pee as well, plus she dropped her nap in my first trimester hmm so I can't nap during the day. However a large part of it is that DH and I are both night owls who are pretty much incapable of going to bed before midnight, though with a massive amount of effort have been in bed for 11.30 a couple of nights this week (then woken up by DD at 5.30!).

Does anyone know whether it's true that rest makes babies grow or is it one of those old wives' tales that MWs sometimes pass on? Any advice much appreciated!

rooks14 Fri 17-Jun-11 22:35:18

I've never heard of it before...

My guess is that she probably wants you to get more rest to stop stress etc. Having a young DD I'd imagine you're running round alot and you mentioned you don't get much sleep etc. I suppose people that take time to put their feet up would probably spend a lot more time eating healthily and relaxing that can only help smile

DitaVonCheese Sun 19-Jun-11 10:55:16

Thanks - I've done some googling and the internet seems to think it isn't true either. Meh, it's stressing me out!

She was also shocked that I plan to work until I give birth - she didn't seem to get that being at work (= sitting in comfy chair, drinking tea, looking at internet) is waaaaaaay more relaxing than looking after a two year old!

ItchyTits Sun 19-Jun-11 13:56:44

Hi Dita
I agree with you about the work thing - my 2 days in adult company, only thinking about one thing at a time (if anything) are far more relaxing than the constant demands of the 15 month DD.
However, I'm surprised you didn't find anything much on the net about the benefits of rest; my experience is that resting is really helpful. During this pregnancy (I'm now 35 weeks) the two weeks when I had help - Staying with ILs mainly - I've noticeably swelled. In fact I am so knackered today that the FD present is for DP to look after DD so I can get some sleep!
I guess it's up to you to know how you feel and what your body needs (excuse the cliche).

ItchyTits Sun 19-Jun-11 13:59:11

PS The need for rest was highlighted when I felt the baby inside had kicked less this week as DP worked VERY long hours, DD not slept properly and I was getting so tired. I've slept all morning - Yay! - and felt kicks since.... grin

Coppernoddle Sun 19-Jun-11 14:10:48

I had my first two very close together, dd1 was only 5 1/2 months whn I fell pregnant with dd2, so again, got no sleep, was very sick with another baby who never slept! I was exhausted! And dd2 was much heavier than dd1! 1lb and 1oz heavier! Baby takes what it needs, it's you that feels it worst! But do remember to eat and feel baby kick. Maybe try to change your body clocks, there's a trick to doing that! 1, eating times! Eat early dinner between 5 and 6, and 2, I saw it on a program where you where sunglasses in the morning to fool your body into staying up later, and dark rooms earlier at night which will eventually fool your body into a different time! It's worth giving it a go! Good luck x

nickstermum Sun 19-Jun-11 15:15:54

Dita, my DS was 7lb 15 and i very rarely rested... hes really tall and well built now age 3 although not stocky. I am 33 weeks pg now working FT (long stressy hours) looking after a 3 yo with no husband who works away and trying to keep my house clean to sell it.... wouldnt say i rest much, and totally exhausted, baby measuring spot on for dates.....

Maybe there is some substance to what MW is saying, but not in my experience... unless i would produce a 12 lb'er if i did rest lol

DitaVonCheese Mon 20-Jun-11 09:26:10

Thanks smile Loads of kicks here, not sure I want to step those up really wink and I'm eating pretty well, it's just the sleep thing.

Presumably lots of second time mums get less rest but subsequent babies are usually bigger, so that suggests to me there can't be a lot in it.

Can't imagine eating dinner at 5 or 6! For one thing none of us are usually home by then. Plus I would feel as though I had no life at all if I went to bed really early - evenings are when I can actually do stuff. Just wish there were an extra couple of hours for extra sleeping too.

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