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Squiglettsmummy2bx Fri 17-Jun-11 21:17:14

Hi all,
Just need a little vent on here as I refuse to walk round stressed when I am so happy to be pregnant.
My bf & I had some issues previously but dealt with then before we began ttc however now I am pregnant he has slid back into his old ways in a week. I have told him to leave & either fix up & come back or stay gone as I am not going through the drama with him, I already have 2 children from a previous relationship & I am not having a ranting drunk around them. What has made me so mad is that we are meant to be going away Monday & now it will just be me & the kids so the rides they can go on etc will be restricted. My bf has said he wants to come & won't drink much but im too afraid to risk this as we will be far from home & if he slips up there what do I do? Also when we argued wed night he got me to give him his share of the holiday money back from my spending money so hardly behaving like a caring partner. I am so mad that he has let me & my kids down but with his history I am mad @ myself for believing things had changed even though for the last 10 months or so things had been going from strength to strength.
Ok rant over, deep breathes taken, smiling happy mummy back xxx

shreddinghippo Fri 17-Jun-11 22:32:35

Hi Squigletts, sad that things are so rubbish for you, esp being pregnant. If his drinking is this much of a problem is the relationship worth salvaging? I'm no expert I assure you, and you might want to post this in relationships (they are amazing over there!).
You sound like a strong and sensible woman, and I am sure things will work themselves out eventually, but you are right when you say you wont have a ranting drunk around your DCs.
Take your Dcs on this trip away and dont let bf come, show him you mean what you say. If you are too afraid to risk it then stick with your instincts.
Good luck and I hope you are feeling better this evening.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 18-Jun-11 06:04:00

Thank you shredding hippo. I feel that I have to have this holiday without bf firstly to show him that he can not continuously mess up & then come back for the good stuff & secondly coz this will probably be the last holiday with my kids before I have my baby & don't want to risk him spoiling it. As for salvaging the relationship I honestly don't know. When I am feeling tired & emotional I think yes but now when I feel assertive I think hell no. Going to take it very slow & keep him at arms length until I feel certain he has fixed up & can maintain that x

shreddinghippo Sat 18-Jun-11 09:16:28

Good for you Squiglett. I really hope you are able to stand strong and not let this bf ruin these precious early years with your baby and DC. Your last sentence sounds spot on. smile

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