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Several small subchorionic hematoma at 20 week scan - no bleeding

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Woodifer Fri 17-Jun-11 13:58:05

Went for my anomaly scan yesterday (19+5). It's in a teaching hospital and student sonographer was really good. Then he found several areas of blood between my placenta and uterus - and went to get someone else to look at them.

He was basically asking what to write in the report - and they put "several small sub chorionic haematoma throughout placenta" then said it was nothing to worry about.

I haven't had any vaginal bleeding.

The fact that the baby is bang on size and has a "happy" heart beat indicates its getting what it needs from the placenta at the moment.

But I am still worried!! Should I be taking it really easy?? I texted my midwife but no response yet.

Am I at greater risk of abruption or PROM?? Has anyone had this. Couldn't resist the lure of google - but it seems these are mainly identified early on (1st trimester) then bleed out or reabsorb by now (nothing like this was picked up at 12 weeks - that I know).

I am going back for another scan on 7th Jul - not because of this but because baby wouldn't get into position to look at heart structure.


xkatyx Fri 17-Jun-11 17:45:41


I had this is ny last pregnancy and also in this one. The so scan lady said not to worry but when I went into see doctor after he scared me basically saying that the blood could irritate the baby leading to mc etc.

Worried and panicked I rang midwife and she said that's only trie if blood pool was huge and still then very unlikely!

Also had a private scan (not because of this) and she said exactly same thing and said it was small there for nothing to worry about it's usually where baby baby implants .. She just said if I do have a small bleed not to panic as it would just be that little pool comming away.

I never did bleed and after few more scans ( I had gestational diabetes) my body absorbed it.


Woodifer Fri 17-Jun-11 18:33:13

oh thanks katy! its just a relief to hear first hand smile

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