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What antibiotic for UTI at 28 wks??

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Wombat33 Fri 17-Jun-11 13:48:31

I'm hoping someone can help. I've just been diagnosed with a UTI. The doc I saw doesn't usually see pg women and seemed a bit unsure about which antibiotic to go for. He prescribed Nitrofurantoin, which he says is fine except in late pg (I'm 28 wks tomorrow). However, if there's a "more usual" antibiotic used to treat these things in pg women, I'd rather go for that one [totally over anxious emoticon] Anyone got any ideas what's usually used??? My MW says it's not one she's familiar with. I'm also trying to get in touch with my usual doctor, but I'm one of those awful patients who feels happier when they've got info from all available sources! blush grin


Emoo Fri 17-Jun-11 14:41:47

Don't panic Wombat!

Some reassuring info about nitrofurantoin here

Relevant bit cut and pasted as site seems very slow:
How should I manage a pregnant woman with suspected acute cystitis?

* Convey a positive approach and reassure the woman that treatment with an antibiotic will prevent any harm to her baby, and will shorten the duration of symptoms.
* If the women has fever or loin tenderness, suspect upper urinary tract infection and admit or seek urgent specialist opinion.
* Offer paracetamol for symptomatic relief. Do not recommend urine alkalinizing agents or cranberry products.
* Send a urine sample for culture before starting antibiotic treatment.
* Prescribe an antibiotic empirically. If local guidelines are not available, suitable first-line antibiotics are (in order of preference):
o Nitrofurantoin 50 mg four times daily, or 100 mg (modified-release) twice daily, for 7 days.
o Trimethoprim 200 mg twice daily, for 7 days (if the woman is not folate deficient or taking a folate antagonist, and has not been treated with trimethoprim in the past year).
o Cefalexin 500 mg twice daily, or 250 mg 6-hourly, for 7 days.
* Follow up after 48 hours (or according to the clinical situation) to check response to treatment and the urine culture results.
o Amoxicillin 250 mg three times daily, for 7 days, is recommended only if the organism is reported to be susceptible on the culture results.

Wombat33 Fri 17-Jun-11 16:05:47

Thanks Emoo!! A doc friend of mine suggested I get the prescription changed to Cefalexin, so I've now got a script for that too!! Will only take one obviously!

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