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birth pools

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sparklytoes Fri 17-Jun-11 09:43:44

Is anyone considering a home birth and knows about hiring/buying birth pools? There are places that will hire them but it also seems like you can buy them for around the same price. I'm not sure what kind of things I should be looking for! Anyone got any advice?

grubbalo Fri 17-Jun-11 09:55:34

You're right, it does cost about as much to hire as it does to buy (particularly if you use eBay - there are so many secondhand but ultimately unused pools out there).

What I would suggest is that you see if there is a homebirth group near you (your local nct branch may be able to advise). Our local homebirth group (I am in Dorset) lets people borrow pools for free - you only need to pay for a new liner (about £20).

Good luck

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