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How do I stop freaking out about 20 week scan?

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banana87 Thu 16-Jun-11 18:26:02

I am 17 weeks pregnant with DC2. I had 2 miscarriages previous to this which were rather traumatic.

MC1: MMC, ERPC, then never stopped brown spotting, which 2 weeks later turned red, and on our way back from Cornwall had gushing of blood, was rushed to A&E for another emergency ERPC and overnight stay for retained tissue.

MC2: Brown spotting from beginning, saw hb at 5.5 weeks, then a week later had gushing blood in the middle of a meeting that lead to ambulance visit to A&E. Scan revealed hb. 2 days later, miscarried and had to have another emergency ERPC for incomplete mc.

This pregnancy has been fine, until 2 weeks ago I had a bit of red blood. Had a scan, was fully checked over, everything fine. I am still having a very small amount of brown discharge now. So in my head, everything is going tits up, as in my experience brown turns red and leads to mc. With 20 week scan looming I can not help but then freak out that there is something massively wrong with the baby and I will yet again mc. I have tried googling chances of them finding something with no avail. 12 week scan was fine (1:48,000).

Rant over. Sigh.

PinkFondantFancy Thu 16-Jun-11 18:41:02

banana didn't want to leave this unanswered. I was freaking out in a major way before my 20 week scan, just felt like there was so much at stake sad My SIL is a sonographer and she says that it's v. rare to find something terminal at the 20 week scan (although of course it does occasionally happen) and mainly if they find anything, it's the sort of thing they can help with IYSWIM? She also pointed out that they would have had a good look at the 12 week scan so lots of stuff would have been picked up then if there was a problem.

Sorry about the brown bleeding, must be v. stressful. Did they tell you where your placenta was at your 12 week scan? I was just wondering if it's low and that's the reason for the constant bleeding.

So anyway in summary, I don't really have a way of not freaking out I'm afraid but wanted to let you know you're not the only one feeling like that.

KatyN Fri 17-Jun-11 08:12:45

It migh not help but I am also totally freaked out by my 20 week scan. i've not had any of your experiences.. this is my first pregnancy, it just seems like a big thing. A lot to check and eveyone is OBSESSED about finding out th sex.

My DH tried his best to calm me down with an impression of the LO's voice asking mum to calm down because it's getting rocky down there. So maybe just try and think positively for their sake!!!

That said.. total sympathy for you, and hope everything goes alright,


markusadam Fri 17-Jun-11 09:27:52

i so know where you are coming from.

i was 20 weeks and went for my scan without a care in the world and found that the baby's heart had stopped.

am currently 6 weeks pregnant and so worried about thhe 20 week scan.

mine was a very extreme case.

fingers crossed for you.


hubbahubster Fri 17-Jun-11 10:33:50

Didn't want to leave this unanswered…

TBH I don't think you can stop freaking. Every scan/midwife appointment has been tough for me because of previous MMC, so I understand where you're coming from, but the midwife at my first hospital appt made a good point – stressing won't change the outcome and will only make you and baby miserable, and you won't be able to enjoy your pregnancy. It's true – I'm 34 weeks now and although I'm constantly trying to feel what baby's doing, I am managing to enjoy it a bit more… and I wish I'd been able to relax in earlier pregnancy.

Good luck and I'm sending happy vibes your way!

shouldbeelswhere Fri 17-Jun-11 10:59:50

brown blood usually means old blood I thought so just settling after previous bleed? Might be wrong...why not give your midwife a ring? Maybe she could bring your scan forward as you're so worried? Wishing you all the best ladies, been there so know how stressful this can be

lovemybabyboy Fri 17-Jun-11 11:14:39

Im 22 weeks tomorrow with dc2, ds is 2.6yrs, I had a mmc last august which started with brown then turned red spotting and bleeding.
This pregnancy I had brown discharge at 7 weeks which I thought was the end sad theneverything was fine at 12 week scan.
Everything seemed to be going ok untill I had more brown discharge at 19 weeks went to EPU they checked my obs, babys heartbeat and said everything was ok but to come back in 2/3 days if not gone...It went the next day.

Then the night after my 20 week scan I had red blood spotting with a couple of clots...I totally freaked out!! I went to hospital, got checked out, my obs, babys heartbeat was all fine, they then did an internal examination and said I have cervical erosion which is a hormonal thing which is quite common and can cause spotting in pregnancy...nothing to worry about and does not affect the baby whatsoever smile

Im not saying this is what you have but maybe would be worth getting an internal examination to check, as it really put my mind at ease! smile

lovemybabyboy Fri 17-Jun-11 11:16:07

Just to say baby was fine at 20 week scan, no problems at all. smile

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