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33 weeks pregnant - question

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snowchick1977 Thu 16-Jun-11 17:51:07

I'm 33 weeks pregnant today and have been lucky enough, so far, to have a problem free pregnancy.

I luckily started my maternity leave last week and today I feel totally dreadful. I feel very sick, very tired and it's a real effort to do anything. I had quite a physical job and was doing 12-14 hours days on my feet all day and didn't really feel as rough as I do now I have stopped. I was just wondering how ladies were feeling around 33 weeks?

The baby also feels very different today, it seems to be lying differently and the pressure feels like I need to loo every 10 minutes. The baby also feels a lot lower and heavier???

I've got a while to go yet as well!

Any thoughts, or is this totally normal at this stage?


Georgimama Thu 16-Jun-11 17:54:41

You may be coming down with a bug which is completely coincidental to the pregnancy. However I would ring your midwife or the day assessment unit at your hospital if you are worried about changes you have noticed in the baby's movement/position.

I am also 33 weeks and have been on annual leave prior to maternity leave for the last 10 days. I am knackered today - it's getting noticeably harder every day.

Coppernoddle Thu 16-Jun-11 18:12:47

I'm 32 weeks and am bloody nackered!! Have really struggled this week! Think I've had a wave of hormones or something as I've been so irritable, sooooo sleepy and very tired, being sick, eating and drinking heaps, dead ratty with everyone and just not right!! Think it must be a stage we've all reached. I hoping it passes quickly, can't do this for another 6 weeks!!

lizandlulu Thu 16-Jun-11 18:22:27

i am 33+3 weeks and feel knackered alot of the time too, much more in the last 2 weeks than before. i used to spend a few afternoons weeding in the garden but cant bend down now for any length of time, and am also getting more and more backache.

i hope you feel better soon, (in about 7 weeksgrin)

Badgerwife Thu 16-Jun-11 19:13:26

Sounds normal to me too; I'm 35 weeks and the last couple of weeks, the baby's head dropped a bit into my pelvis and it hurt like hell just walking. Things do change quickly at that stage, and it's all about the baby putting on weight so it's bound to affect you more and more. Maybe also you were running on adrenaline before going on mat leave and now it's hitting home physically.

You started maternity leave really early! (not jealous, as I just finished today - but I've got 3 weeks annual leave included)

snowchick1977 Thu 16-Jun-11 19:14:06

Thanks for the replies, I'll see how I feel tomorrow and hopefully won't need to call the midwife!!!

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