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Not a lot of movement

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kitkey Thu 16-Jun-11 16:50:40

Following on from another thread where people were saying they had lots of movement - does anyone else have really quiet periods - couple of hours without any moves then just a few then another long gap - my bump does have active period but then a long time in between/ I seem to spend all day prodding and worrying. Am 25 weeks - not sure can take 15 more weeks of worry.

silverangel Thu 16-Jun-11 16:54:04

Hi Kitkey, I think (I hope!) that that's quite normal. I am 24+5 and have started to notice a pattern to movement but it is certainly not all the time. I'm having twins and normally, I feel the bottom one quite a bit in the morning and while at work and the top one in the evening. They are certainly not moving all the time...

3become4 Thu 16-Jun-11 17:01:01

Every baby is different so what is normal for yours won't be normal for someone else and vice versa. It's also normal for movement to reduce as the little one runs out of room but I shouldn't think you're at that stage yet. What you describe sounds familiar to me but if you're worried then I've seen you can get charts to record your babies movement so you can start to recognise the patterns and what is and isn't normal for you. Have a look here

Newmom2b Thu 16-Jun-11 17:03:35

Hi Kitkey, I'm 23 weeks and I have long periods with no movement.. I've started to keep a rough track of movement and tend to feel things between between 10.00 and 2ish and then as soon as I get into bed he moves around loads! Also, as its quite early on for me particularly, I find that when I'm really busy at work I tend not to feel as much for long periods... quite normal from what i've read.
If you notice a change to your babies regular pattern I would suggest calling your MW to reassure you.. x

yummymango Thu 16-Jun-11 19:01:18

I have been able to feel movements and kicking from about 18 weeks pretty much all day and on off. I am 25.5 weeks and the last couple days I have had drastically reduced movements to the point where I got myself a bit worked up about it and called the hospital last night. They were so nice and monitored the heartbeat for a while and we could hear movements but I just wasn't feeling much. The midwife said that there is a lot of room around them at the moment so they can kind of hide and they move around so that sometimes you can't feel it, especially if they are kicking towards your back. But they still said if I had any other issues to not hesitate to go back. If you are not sure you should call a MW, but I have been told it's normal for movements to still be erratic at this stage.

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