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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Thu 16-Jun-11 16:27:57

A new thread needed here already! Lovely Grumblin who started the second one, may be actually having that baby at this minute!

I hope this will be a source of support for present sufferers and ex sufferers alike and also worried family members.

I want particularly to mention my favourite feline FluffyWhiteKittens, who has been so invaluable a source of support on the old threads, and MOH, who has slaved to produce articles full of useful information and links to useful websites, LaTrucha, lovely CaramelloKoalaLover, Grumblin, NitNat, La, Lottie, Grandmagain, MaryLou, Cocoanuts and so many that I cannot name everyone for fear that the current sufferer may became annoyed at the long list...

Never worry about tmi or moaning. When suffering one has to discuss things that would make most people go weak at the knees and to have a good moan can help enormously with an illness where there is still a lot of ignorance and sometimes insensitive treatment.

It might help to remember - when you are at your worst - the words in that Eastern story.
'*This Too Shall Pass.*'


theonlyhb2 Mon 03-Oct-11 10:07:05

waves from pink castle, clutching a tub of Ben & Jerry's

hi all newbies, sorry you have had to join, this place will def help and make you feel sane again! I swore by jelly for breakfast.......if that stayed down then i could have a bit of toast and anti-sickness tablet, if not, at least it was easy and nice tasting coming back up smile

Lucinda really does do the most amazing job at keeping up with everyone, i dont know how she does it

feekerry when explaining HG to my bosses I said if you were this sick normally you would be dead. you really would be, how on earth can your body keep going when all its doing is spewing?

Elliots we are waiting with baited breathe at news you are eating again.........oh yes, and had a baby, but thats less important ;)

seapie reading yr post reminded me of myself. once I admitted I couldn't go on and just sort of gave into it, I seemed to feel better. Stress is a major factor too, i think, I worried so much about work and not being able to do anything it was counter-productive and culminated in me having a mini breakdown in my bosses office.........he still hasn't recovered!

grumblin (waves madly and passes Ben & Jerry's over) what a shit time! just when you think you are over the worst of least its diagnosed and you are starting to feel more like yourself? you really did have the most shit pregnancy. yay for sterilisation (ha ha what a weird thing to yay for!)

spannermary prob best to delete all those auto messages now, I used to get angry at the ones saying "you are now massive" and I would look down and go nope.....not me! but the ones after the birth are nice, mainly about "yr baby is 7 weeks old and you may start fitting back in some of your old clothes" and then I go "ha ha try 5 days after birth!" and feel very smug for the rest of the day ;D

grandma I meant to thank you for my Mum's hug, its nice to know people are thinking of her after my HG. I bet you are loving it as much as my Mum smile just can't get over something so cute can make you so sick!

MoP ahhh reading.....taken me 7 weeks to read 3 books! make the most of reading whilst you can't sleep, I miss devouring books in a night

flyingdutchlady hope yr appointment goes well and you get the support you need

la thanks for the cake smile

caramello lovely to hear from you! I saw some crumpets in my freezer the other day and thought of you smothering them in tzatziki. Glad things are on the up now, lack of sleep really does ruin you. I am still in shock Scarlett is 5 months already, I don't know why, just doesn't seem that long ago we were all miserable together

helibee its far too hot to go outside even without HG, you aren't missing much smile hope you get your scan soon

wow mega reply! its hard to keep up and reply on my fone but will be here for support when I can be smile Harper is 8 weeks on Wednesday. Yesterday I sneezed and wee'd so obviously need to up my pelvic floor exercises as haven't done that since pregnancy! also cannot stop eating huge amounts of everything (apart from fruit, Harper does NOT like it at ALL!) which means i am now getting fat. I am fatter now than the day I came out of hospital. 8 weeks of eating what I want when I want just doesn't seem enough compared to all those weeks of pregnancy! Off swimming this avo, might burn off one of the chunks of cheese i have munched.

sorry to anyone i have missed, hope you all have a good week xx

theonlyhb2 Mon 03-Oct-11 10:21:40

(i think i have figured out how to add pics to my profile! there are some of Harper on there)

civilfawlty Mon 03-Oct-11 10:54:01

Hello all...

Help! I'm 23 weeks and have had morning sickness the whole time. It's pretty violent and, at its worst, I cant even keep water down.

I've been prescribled Avomine, which helps a bit, but not completely. And it makes me exhausted.

A friend mentioned a wonder drug with no side effects, which is much more effective, and doesnt make you tired. She couldnt remember what it was called, but thought the GP was often reluctant to prescribe as it is expensive.

Frankly - I'm desperate. I'll buy the blimmin thing. I just dont know what it is called. Does this ring a bell with anyone?


MotherofPearl Mon 03-Oct-11 12:00:27

Civilfawlty, I think it's ondansetron that you're after, sometimes sold as zofran. Lots of people on this thread have had good results with it, but I gather it's sometimes hard to get GPs to prescribe it and you have to get a consultant. But you sound in a bad way, so I think you should push for it.
Nice to hear from Caramel and I too am shocked that little Scarlet is 5 months already. Hope things are getting easier for you now and that her reflux is under control.
Also nice to hear from that other stalwart theonly! I reckon you shouldn't worry at all about gaining weight - you deserve to enjoy eating after an HG pregnancy, and I reckon bf will keep most of the weight off anyway.
All much the same here in the MOP household. No vom on Sat which made for a nice change but a spectacular kitchen sink puke yesterday more than made up for it. blush Ho hum. As Caramel says, not long now (6 weeks, 3 days).
Wonder if Elliotsmummy is a pink castle inhabitant yet?

caramellokoalalover Mon 03-Oct-11 14:21:40

helibee I was the same as you in that the things that worked first pregnancy, I couldn't tolerate second pregnancy. Weird isn't it. HG is such a peculiar thing. Hope jelly is the magic answer for this week at least.

I can't see your pics theonly sad. Mmmmm to the thought of Ben & Jerrys though. And I had already forgotten about the crumpets and tzatziki! That was my staple 'safe' food for a good few days smile.

I hear you about getting fat after having the baby too. When I had DS I was the only one of the antenatal people I knew who was actually gaining weight rather than losing it post-baby. I think I was making up for lost time and eating whatever I fancied whenever I fancied it. I'm sure your insatiable appetite will calm down and everything will get back to normal on its own. I think our bodies need to recover all their stores after a HG pregnancy too so eat away I say!

civilfawlty hope you can find a GP to prescribe you ondansetron, or at least some other medications to try if Avomine isn't working for you. Ondansetron was a miracle drug for me in that it stopped most of the vomitting so kept me out of hospital. Didn't stop the nausea and there are some side effects (constipation being a common one) but it does do wonders for many women. I think the cost has come down too so that shouldn't stop your GP from prescribing it hopefully.

MOP hope you've got a sink strainer grin.

spannermary Mon 03-Oct-11 14:30:14

Hello everyone! Well, back from my visit to the doctor who has officially diagnosed me with hyperemesis and signed me off for 2 weeks. Quite a relief...

As I posted on my month's board, also quite disheartened by my grandparents who have sent me a clipping about Fanny Bankers-Koen who ran the 200m in the Olympics whilst pregnant. They're so emphatic that I have to be as active as possible - personally as active as possible for me right now is bed rest/duvet day in front of masterchef.

Feeling a little judged... sad

ElliottsMummy Mon 03-Oct-11 15:32:16

spannermary great news about your "official" diagnosis - that can make things a bit easier when dealing with people who just don't understand. Ignore the judgers and tell them where to stick their newspaper articles!!!

Other newbies - hope you are finding things that are acceptable - mine were jelly then toast at breakfast, soup for lunch and whatever I could stomach at dinner (evenings were worst for me so generally more toast!) please don't stress that you're not eating the "correct" things - whatever u can manage is right for you.

Sorry to disappoint but am still in HG limbo! Have passed both my original edd and revised one but I guess this baby just ain't getting the message! Am seeing my consultant on Wednesday afternoon so may end up with an ELCS as apparently they don't like to induce when you've had a previous section.

Hi to all the pink castle inhabitants - can't believe how big all your babies are getting, I'll let you know when you can defrost me some scones and pull me up a chair!! smile

feekerry Mon 03-Oct-11 16:37:53

civilfaulty thats ondanestron your after. When I was admitted to hospital they prescribed it after they cyclizine wasn't working. My doctor has since been more than happy to prescribe. Its more expensive than some of the other drugs and its primarily used for cancer patients who are having chemotherapy. It has changed my life really. I'm rarely sick now. Maybe once every few days if I see or smell something offensive. Really push for it. X

grandmaagain Mon 03-Oct-11 17:20:45

good to hear from you theonly I continue to lurk here even tho my DD is better now because I hope to be able to give a little support to all your mums. I know how bad I felt watching my DD so if there any grans to be feeling helpless YOU ARE NOT ALONE. best wishes to all and a well done for all your continued support for everybody to the great lucinda

LucindaE Mon 03-Oct-11 20:07:12

Wow, I'll have to get that new thread done tomorrow, I think...
Civilfallty Poor you, still suffering so horribly at 23 weeks. It certainly sounds worth trying to get Ondansetron, as others say (I never can spell that!). There's lots of good advice on meds on MOH's website Do feel free to have a moan all you like here if that helps, and you have some reason to moan for sure!
Spannermary Saying 'Congratulations on diagnosis' doesn't make sense, but at least its official...sad. It is difficult when people don't have the faintest idea, and maddening, too. Try and explain that it is like the difference between a headache and migraine, one is managable, the other pole axes you! Talking of which, Helibee How did things go re getting that med from the doctor's?
ElliottsMummy How annoying that baby is dawdling, likes it in there. Looking forward to welcoming you to the pink castle.
Grandma Thank you for coming on and supporting people, and for the compliment (undeserved).
Magnum How did the homeopathic remedy work out? I hope good news?
I scrawl notes, but sometimes can't read my own handwriting, Everyone so after all these undeserved nice remarks, I am sure to have rudely over looked someone.

LucindaE Mon 03-Oct-11 20:11:28

Second half of post...
Waves madly to Caramel, offers chair in Pink Castle, and one for TheOnly too. Feekerry I am so glad that Ondansetron has helped you like that. I've heard that it's become cheaper of late, is that true? It might help people's ability to get it?

fluffywhitekittens Mon 03-Oct-11 20:58:46

evening all smile
Grumblin, sorry to hear what you've been going through. and Caramel, hopefully things can start getting back to normal for you soon.
I put on loads of weight after dd, not quite as bad this time but even now I'm not making much of an effort to diet or deprive myself of things after not being able to eat anything for months.
Interestingly I found vegetable cuppa soup and appletize ok second time.
Elliots mummy and others near due date I feel for you in this weather.
The only I can't access your profile, maybe privacy settings are High? Glad you're getting on well.
Waves to everyone else has I haven't taken notes and can't keep scrolling back xx

feekerry Mon 03-Oct-11 21:29:52

Not sure that ondanestron has come down in price that much but personally i've never had a problem getting it prescribed. Maybe as it was first prescribed by hospital. All I know is its very very effective for me. Interesting to read the posts about putting on weight after the birth. Something i've been thinking about recently. Does the sickness literally stop as soon as you've given birth? Like would I go home from hospital feeling normal? How weird. Can see how the weight would pile on.

Magnumwhite Tue 04-Oct-11 07:34:50

Hello all! Busy day yesterday here!
Homeopathic stuff seems to helpsometimes - esp during the night....but hard to say as I've had 3 rough days after a fab one on fri. Probably over did it fri and then was too ambitious about the weekend . For heaven sake it was only a short trip to friends on sat afternoon and sun afternoon! I am prob am much better than a few weeks ago but i can't believe how a couple of low key social things have set me back.
Back on Ondansetron yesterday...
Re Ondansetron - it should be cheaper than it was as its recently come off patent so more than one company can make it which introduces market competition. It is still generally an expensive drug but i think that the main thing thing that stops GPs prescribing it is unfamiliarity with using it in pregnant women
Feekerry yes sickness stopped as soon as giving birth (well had to wait to effects of syntocin and all the other drugs to wear off as well..) but that banana and chocolate i had at midnight after i gave birth was the best meal ever, as meagre as it was!

LucindaE Tue 04-Oct-11 11:17:04

Feekeery this is a thing I don't emphasize...with almost everyone it does stop within a few hours. With an unlucky tiny minority (trust me to be one of them!) no. Ii came back again full force with me for about ten days after birth. It's highly unlikely to happen to you, as I know of only ONE other person that's happened to on th is thread, Slippers who used to be on here, plus a couple on another thread I used to do mainly US based, but I did feel bad about not warning her. I kept quiet because I didn't want to alarm people. In the incredibly unlikely event that it does return, it does go in the end, I promise!
Fluffy Lovely to hear from you. Hugs...
Magnum hmm It's annoying the results are either disappointing or not clear cut. Of cour se, any activity can set you back amazingly, which is one of the isolating things about this illness, of course.

LucindaE Tue 04-Oct-11 13:03:00

Everyone muddle headed Lucinda here, here is the new thread and link
(crosses fingers and toes that it will come out!). Feel free to come and shoot me if it doesn't...

caramellokoalalover Tue 04-Oct-11 14:40:08

Elliotts the chair is here at the ready for you and I've just made banana bread so I'll keep some fresh on the side in the hope you can eat it tomorrow, and put half in the freezer for quick defrost at any time! Good luck!

Waving like a nutcase at Fluffy and Lucinda too.

Feekerry my first pregnancy I had my DS early morning and still vomitted through that day, but that could have been the syntocinon or effect from the epidural. Went to sleep that night and when I woke in the morning HG was completely gone. So bizarre. Proceeded to eat half a loaf of toast while I waited for my DH to return from the local M&S with vast quantities of food grin. With DD, I felt sick, and was sick once, for about 3 hours after the birth. Again, I think it was probably not helped by the shot they give you to speed up the placenta delivery. I wouldn't have agreed to that if I had known it had a possible side effect of n&v but you live and learn. I was troffing everything in sight by the end of the day though. Hopefully you'll be waving goodbye to HG within hours of giving birth too.

Magnum it sucks doesn't it when you start to feel a teeny bit better and feel like you want to go to one or two social things and then that sets you back all over again. Sometimes worth the repercussions though for mental health purposes wink!

LucindaE Fri 07-Oct-11 09:59:12

Caramel Come and join us in the Pink Castle on

fiventhree Sat 03-Dec-11 14:37:16

Ladies, I just found this thread by accident, and dont have time to read it. But I thought you may be interested that I was hospitalised with hyperemesis in my first pregnancy, was sick until 5 months in the second and third, three months with the fourth and one day only with the fifth. The first three had 8 and year gaps between them.

Carbohydrate helped me- baked potatoes mainly.

You poor women, I remember thinking each time that I would never get through it.

NVPandHG Wed 03-Jul-13 22:37:01

City University London is currently evaluating the effectiveness of online information in helping women cope with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) and Hypermesis Gravidarum (HG) . Your participation will provide useful information that will help us to carry out more research into ways that can help women cope with NVP and HG.

If you are suffering NVP or HG and have not yet read the information on this website and would like to participate in the study please click on the following page and select "yes I'll take part" when prompted.

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