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LucindaE Thu 16-Jun-11 16:27:57

A new thread needed here already! Lovely Grumblin who started the second one, may be actually having that baby at this minute!

I hope this will be a source of support for present sufferers and ex sufferers alike and also worried family members.

I want particularly to mention my favourite feline FluffyWhiteKittens, who has been so invaluable a source of support on the old threads, and MOH, who has slaved to produce articles full of useful information and links to useful websites, LaTrucha, lovely CaramelloKoalaLover, Grumblin, NitNat, La, Lottie, Grandmagain, MaryLou, Cocoanuts and so many that I cannot name everyone for fear that the current sufferer may became annoyed at the long list...

Never worry about tmi or moaning. When suffering one has to discuss things that would make most people go weak at the knees and to have a good moan can help enormously with an illness where there is still a lot of ignorance and sometimes insensitive treatment.

It might help to remember - when you are at your worst - the words in that Eastern story.
'*This Too Shall Pass.*'


allias Fri 17-Jun-11 16:14:44

Me again!! Got nasty throat infection and am off to get a drip top up, fun day out with ds4.... Hope everyone is having a better day, I can read the thread while waiting and see how you are all doing and actually post about others intead of Selfishly posting about me all the timeblush wink

Macaroona Fri 17-Jun-11 16:28:15

Hello all, buff here under a new guise as I think I gave away too much on the site under that name!

Wanted to thank everyone for supportive words, especially re trying another drug than Prochloperazine. I have an appt with doc on Monday and might get signed off work for next week.

Will revert to lurking anyway, I'm not very good at being a regular poster on threads but reading your stories and advice is so helpful - as I said on the previous thread it reduced me to tears actually realising I'm not a weirdo and that lots of women feel this bad!

I laughed at the idea of a HG meet-up, so true grumblin !


fluffywhitekittens Fri 17-Jun-11 16:46:18

Allias sorry to hear you've been bad recently, don't even think about attempting to go back to work on Monday.
Macaroona lurk away but remember if you want to vent/ moan/sob uncontrollably feel free to post, nothing is tmi Here!
Grumbling love the idea of an HG friendly meet up, I shall provide the starbursts and a spitty bucket (as dd called it) for anyone with excess saliva.
Will put cake in the oven ready for baby grumblin's imminient arrival.
LA are you OK?

La73 Fri 17-Jun-11 17:51:17

All just a quick one to say so sorry for causing any worry! I was referring to previous post which realised got lost with new thread. Had consultant meet re EDS (genetic disorder) and was just moaning a bit about being in in hot stuffy waiting room for 3 hours whilst they looked for notes from last PG! Feel v guilty for causing alarm esp when few of you admitted! Nitnat must have been a worry but glad no concern with bubs. Alias thought you must have been in - hope being rehydrated helps you feel bit better, rest up now and hopefully meds will work x

Grumblin we should prob promise to stop asking but just can't wait for you to be free if HG hell smile Get together made me smile, poor pink castle members would also have to empty sick bags when sufferers 1st arrive!

lottieb22 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:00:56

Hi Grumblin I had a scan on monday and then got a call at work on tuesday from my consultant to say she thought it best to get him out before he's too big!! I then got a telling off for still being at work!! I've got to go for a cervical stretch and sweep on thursday - sounds gruesome but a few people have told me they've gone into labour following it. My leaving do from work is thursday evening and we're going for a curry and then one of my favourite bands is playing in a local pub so I'm hoping all that might just set me off!! What about a stretch and sweep for you?

LucindaE Fri 17-Jun-11 18:22:24

Grumblin LA Re; Pink castle sick bags, it wouldn't be the first time I have been a puke bearer - in one job a colleague with nasty m/s had to use a waste paper bin and I ran out to empty it, only to bump into a visiting VIP...shock
We must have a moat with swans on it, and be near the sea, it always makes you feel better.
NitNat So glad all OK.
Alias Oh no,you are having to be admitted again, poor you? And a sore throat?
MAC (once Buff) Do keep us posted as to how you are now and then or as others say, if you feel like a moan...
Katherine How are things?
Waves to MOH Caramel and Fluffy.
Sorry to Anyone rudely neglected.
ElliotsMum Sorry still being sick at all, take this capacious seat...

LucindaE Fri 17-Jun-11 18:23:15

And Lottie Good luck with sweep...

theonlyhb2 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:39:23

hello all!

on the last thread you asked about the pelvic band thingy, here is a link, it the top one. 3 velcro bits, you can imagine the nightmare going for a wee every 5 minutes. does help when I drive and generally getting up and down from chairs/cars.

Grumblin, cant believe you havent popped yet! my last day working is 15th July so 4 weeks today eeeek! and I am pretty sure I have seen that place you describe at Glastonbury (maybe not the lack of smells part!)....... ;)

la, hope everything ok, nitnat & allias, sorry to hear you also been to hospital, hope you get more time off allias.

pregnancy does seem to throw up lots of unexplained things "its not normal but its not uncommon but we dont really know" is something I have heard a lot!

my thing at the moment is salt. not on its own, that would be weird, but salty food......i cant have chips without 3 heart attacks worth of salt on them. even the chip shop lady commented to OH "oh yr girlf must be the one who likes all the salt....i have never heard of that pregnancy one" hahaha. but seriously.......salt. and crackling! oh it was sick the amount I ate the other night. am glad to say that after a dodgy week last week, this week has been ok, just SPD pain taking over everything. i also have suddenly expanded in the past week. perhaps I should take it easy on the pies and chips?!

theonlyhb2 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:42:14

i also have a nice collection of sick bags now......Egyptian ones now added. its nice my friends/work colleagues collect these for me!

Boosaphena Fri 17-Jun-11 18:50:00

Hello all!
I'm unfortunately still here. 23 weeks now and have been given a new name of puking Patricia!!! It was only confined to the morning but has reared it's ugly head in the eve now sad I'm feeling quite down about it tho, I was quite pragmatic, means baby is well blah blah blah but frankly I'm not well and I'm tired and my body is showing signs of strain from only wanting to eat crap.
Anyhow enough whinging. Sorry so many others are still suffering. I hope we all move on soon!!
P.s my edd is 13th oct, but should have elcs a week before.

caramellokoalalover Fri 17-Jun-11 21:30:56

Boosa sorry to hear you're still bad. Glad you'll get a fixed date for elcs and will know when you will definitely be HG-free.
marylou maybe we can add something to our graduates list like 'Caramel - Class of Dec 08 & Apr 11' to signify our extra credentials smile.
theonly I have a fab collection of sickbags too. I could bring them to the HG meetup. My sister is a paramedic and she gave me a great stash of these fabby plastic bags that you spew in then twist the bag bit and it tucks up and 'locks' closed. perfect for car journeys or travel in general. also found the emirates plane ones to be very sturdy.
grumblin maybe we could have the meetup somewhere really cold to avoid the smells issue, like a snow-capped mountain, or the arctic circle? we could have swans made of ice for you Lucinda. also if it's really cold any vomit would freeze when it was out and not smell, thus reducing the urge for other HGers to vomit on smelling vomit if that makes any sense...hmm...god, you can see that the newborn days are taking a toll on my ability to express myself coherently grin.
allias hope you get mroe time off, going back to work is sure to make you go downhill fast.
hope the weekend brings some rest for all...and a baby for grumblin wink, although I'm not getting the jedi vibe that it's going to happen this weekend, you sound too cheerful wink wink!

LucindaE Sat 18-Jun-11 10:08:36

MaryLou congratulations on sizeable bump - I'm so glad you are huge rather than suffering too horribly...
Grumblin Thinking of you...
LA I'm glad no emergency...
*Boo" Sorry still suffering - moan away - 23 weeks and still suffering isn't fair - and coming on in the evenings too now. 'Puking Patrica' who called you that? Good and sensitive, that...
TheOnly Sounds like a chastity belt?!
Caramel Despite being brought up in freezing, draughty houses, I am a wimp abut cold, but if it helps the sufferers, I will be there in thremals...Swans of ice sound lovely...
Alias I suppose hospitaised, hopefully feeling better...
*M11" Any news about meds...
Sending best wishes to All.

theonlyhb2 Sun 19-Jun-11 12:38:16

LucindaE if only I had a chastity belt to start with, I wouldn't be in such a state ;)

Mr Kipling Fruit Pies.......yum

LucindaE Mon 20-Jun-11 08:22:50

TheOnly Lol! 'Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted' as the cliche goes...All is quiet, looking down from the pink castle in the clouds, and surveying the meadows below... Aliasare you still in hospital? Oh, dear, if so...Lottie Good luck for scan today. Grumblin! Did you say something about Acupunture to start it off?

MotherofPearl Mon 20-Jun-11 11:19:37

Just to say, I'm in complete agreement with Theonly about salt, and I'm afraid I have even been known to eat a few flakes on their own! I know dehydration always a potential danger anyway with HG, but I find salt and salty things really settle me and also help with all that excess saliva.
Hope everyone doing OK and all goes well today with Grumblin - I think you said you're having a last min scan?

grumblinalong Mon 20-Jun-11 11:32:53

Hello, no baby yet. Only thing that has changed is my bump has gone from an apple shape to a cone shape????? It looks very very weird. Have scan & consultant this aft - lottie have had a good wash 'down there' as they'll probably do a sweep, not sure about being stretched though shock. Curry, band and leaving do all sound like a good way to get going. Have a good night between contractions grin

theonly Don't talk about Glastonbury, you'll make me all sad. We were definitely going to go this year and relive our youth (we went regularly in the days when you could still jump over the fence, scallies) but I went and got myself preg, so that was out. I read somewhere that they did a medical cannabis trial on women who had HG and it helped immensely so maybe the funny brownies there would aid in the meet up. Hmm, maybe not. Second the salt, I've craved salty stuff all the way through - can't believe I've still got low BP. mmm, crackling.

caramel I am surprisingly cheerful, part of me has been in complete denial that there has been a baby in there all through. A cold place for a meet up is an excellent idea - and I have a terrible urge to suck an ice swans beak now.

fluffy spitty buckets is a good one. I forgot about the pesky ptylism. Green puke face emoticon.

la Glad all is well, was worried. The sickbag collection convo could only happen on this thread - I must be well cheap because I just make do with nappy sacks (unfragranced of course) always feel v.guilty about the environment though.

lucinda you are truly a lovely person if you are willing to empty a colleagues sick bin. It would be beyond me I think.

grumblinalong Mon 20-Jun-11 11:35:24

Sorry cross posted motherofpearl Yep scan this aft (no idea what for?), thanks for remembering {smile] but am going alone so should I or shouldn't I have sneaky sex reveal and not tell anyone else? Part of me thinks I've got this far so should wait for nature's way, the other part wants to buy a lovely dress if it's a DD! How are you mother?

MotherofPearl Mon 20-Jun-11 12:57:17

I'm OK thanks Grumblin, not doing too badly on the sickness front but so sleepy all the time and can't figure out if it's just being PG or the cyclizine, or both! Know what you mean about sneaky peek at the sex - going for my 20 wk scan on 30/06 and DP and I keep debating whether or not to find out. From a practical point of view it would be good to know - have saved all DD's baby clothes, and so either I'll be pretty well set up, or will have to start from scratch! Let us know how it goes this afternoon smile

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 13:22:54

Hi everyone, can I join in?

I'm new to HG, currently I'm 9+1 weeks pregnant and had 1 admission to hospital for IV anti-emetics and IV fluids for severe ketones 4+ at 7.5 weeks pregnant. My EDD is 22/01/2012, which is starting to seem a very long way off........I'm living on ondansetron and pints of milk! strangley I can only have my prescription on a week by week basis, so I have to make the weekly trip to the GP, pick up the prescription, drop it at the chemist and then wait until the next day to pick it up because no one has it in stock!

I keep reading that HG is more common in first pregnancies, younger women, and previous HG.......I'm 37, I have a 13 year old, and I didnt have HG with her, but I have a different partner now? I've also been reading that Downs babies can cause I've been worrying about that now!! although when I look into the research, it was done in the 1970's! Does anyone know anything about that or not had HG with previous pregnancies?

oh and to top it off I've got severe constipation! the joy's of pregnancy! I'm trying to eat fruit....luckily its something I feel like eating,....but then i get a really bad tummy afterwards!

The ondansetron has stopped my vomitting, but I still have severe nausea, I've barely left the house in 3 weeks, and I'm struggling to do everyday GP wanted to give me a 2 week sick note this week, but I'm feeling really guilty being off sick, so I told her just to do 1 week and
I'll see how I am......I'm currently lying in bed, and regretting only telling her to do 1 week, from all your comments, it doesnt look likley this is going away any time soon!!

Oh and we have a holiday booked to Turkey in less than 4 weeks time....we missed our holiday last year because my parners dad had a stroke the day after we landed in spain and we had to come we are determind to go, but I'm starting to wonder if I'll cope with the heat and the thought of 4 hours on a plane makes me want to be sick!

Well I think I've moaned enough! its time to make the trip out of bed and downstairs to get some more fluids
.............does any one else find all the simple things (such as getting dressed) is exausting??

I'm so pleased I found this.....I dont think people quite appreciate how ill I feel! Roll on Janurary! x

LucindaE Mon 20-Jun-11 14:08:12

Angel Welcome. You are at the worst stage, that is a sort of miserable comfort, it's almost certain to get a lot better as time goes on, but that is cold comfort. Sorry that you are suffering and had to go to hospital - well done on the milk and fruit, such healthy stuff, I had to live on crisps and coke for a while. About Downs I have to say I haven't heard that, whoever wrote that seems to have been insensitive putting it like that and alarming you. I was given a one in thirty-three chance of Downs and decided to go for an Amnio. It was nerve wracking. Somone else on this thread had a one in two risk, I think it was MOH. Anyway, in both cases all was fine. Will you automatically get the blood screening thing?
How do you find ice lollies or jelly with tinned fruit?
Grumblin Thanks for thinking I am nice for doing the puke emptying routine. Sorry no baby yet. confused about your change in bump s/he doing stretches in there?
Pearl Glad not too bad on puking front.

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 14:23:01

Thanks LucindaE, its put my mind at rest with the Downs worry, I automatically get a nucal scan in 3 weeks and bloods, so I'll go from there, and have an amnio if its high risk!
and strangely I've just had a fab ice lolly and I'm sitting with a pint of water, a cold can of sprite and a bag of bazil nuts next to me.........and I defo havent been eating healthy .....the main things I crave on the rare occasion I have an appertite are mcdonalds happy meals with salty chips, pasties and cheese savoury sandwiches, basically high fat salty food!
I've just came close to a new puking episode, but if I lie still it seems to help.......I'm feeling a little worse this week, maybe those pregnancy hormones are peaking around week 9-10? xx

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:11:50

Just to reassure everyone that the website will go public sometime and I am working on it in dribs and drabs. DD had tonsilitis, ear infection, hand foot and mouth virus and gingivostomatitis - all in one week. She's better now but has infected finger from a HFM blister that she wouldn't stop sucking with her mouth full of gingivostomatitis sores. I knew I'd need a varied skill set to be a parent but I didn't realise a degree in microbiology would come in handy. Anyway, upshot is that I lost most of my precious nursery time this past week so haven't had much time for website.

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:24:54

Oh sod it, I'll never make it public at this rate so I've just changed the permissions so that anyone with the link can view the site, though I haven't yet made it searchable on the internet, I'll do that later. Here's the link

Feedback welcome, don't be shy about criticism I have thick skin, would rather make the site better than worry about my ego. There's no disclaimer yet, if anyone has experience in this arena, something along the lines of this is not medical advice and we won't be responsible for anything going wrong etc would be grateful for help writing something. Also would welcome ideas about structure and placement of content, I must have restructured it 5 or 6 times already. I have plans for more pages and surveys once I can figure out how to make forms and documents, I'm getting advice from 15 year old tech friend but just haven't had time to follow the instructions yet.

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 15:47:01

MOH100 ive just checked out your site and its very good! Are you going to add a 'real stories' forum? I always find these helpful, the real life story's from other women seem to help? Its well presented and in logical order, well done! I find it useful to talk to women who have actually experienced this x

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:48:10

HI Angel It was me who had the 1 in 2 probablility of Downs after nuchal fold and blood tests, but had CVS and no Downs in the end. I think there may be a slightly increased chance of HG with a Downs baby, but it goes from a very small risk to a very slightly bigger but also very small risk, so it shouldn't be a cause to think that you'll have a Downs baby. The vast majority of mothers with HG have a perfectly 'normal' (for want of a better word) baby. Having HG in one pregnancy and not another is just one of those bad luck things that nobody really understands.

If I were you I'd get a sick note for as long as the doc will give it, ask for more than two weeks, there's almost no chance that you will recover enough to go back to work before about 14 weeks. And if you do go back to work because you think you feel better, you'll just make yourself sick again, so don't do it, stay off. Remember also that rest is a treatment in itself for nausea. Lying completely stationary will help - it's the best time of year for it too, I remember watching the whole of Wimbledon when I was pregnant - at least when I felt well enough to open my eyes and look at the TV, but even the sounds of the gentle thwack of tennis ball on raquet was strangely soothing as I lay on the sofa with my trusty bucket by my side. If you stay rested, keep taking the meds, keep hydrated and fed you might even make your holiday. If you try to keep working then for sure you can kiss your holiday goodbye. As for the guilt, it comes with the territory but guilt's better than nausea, so choose guilt and put your feet up. You didn't ask for this horrible disease, it's not like you're skivving off work to get your nails done.

I had the same problem with ondansetron, having to go back for it the next day and counting the pills to make sure I had enough to cover getting the repeat prescription and waiting for it to come in. by the way, gold star to your GP for dishing out the ondansetron. Can your GP surgery not just send your repeat prescription to the pharmacy so you can sort it out by phone or do you have to actually go up for it? Does it have to be you or can a friend/partner get it? For the nausea you could try another antiemetic along with it, I used buccastem and ondansetron and found the combination more powerful than one on it's own. Also, the ondansetron is almost certainly actually helping with the nausea, it's just that it can't eliminate it completely, in other words you would probably be feeling ten times worse without it. Are you on maximum dose? I messed around with lower doses for a couple of weeks before thinking sod it and just taking maximum ondansetron and buccastem. Did that till 18 weeks then gradually dropped buccastem completely and dropped dose of ondasetron, though took it till birth - that's what I mean about the nausea, I thought I was fully recovered, tried to stop ondansetron then got nauseous again. Did it three times, the last at 29 weeks and thought sod it again, and just kept taking it till I popped.

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