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getting a referral to an obstetrician (Calderdale)

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HannahChan Thu 16-Jun-11 15:00:29


I've had one and am planning a second child, but following complications in the first pregnancy (pre-eclampsia, only have one kidney and part of my womb) decided to go to my GP and see about a referral to an obstetrician before trying to conceive. She sent off the referral straight away but I haven't heard anything back for more than two months... I asked at the reception of the Hebden medical centre and they told me there was nothing to do but wait... But this seems like such a long time!

Anyone got any suggestions on what to do? Do they have some policy on non emergencies? Should I try and be a bit more pro-active in getting an appointment? First baby was born abroad so I don't know the system here...

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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