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Dc3 and not even 6 weeks...enormous bump...

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addictedtofrazzles Thu 16-Jun-11 13:15:57

help! Expecting dc3 and have woken up today unable to even suck/hold in my tummy! Even when i sit and lean forward, I already have the feeling that I am restricted iyswim. I am look about 5 months gone.

Please reassure me it is bloating that will settle down - am really not ready to tell people yet. Or is this a result of three pregnancies in quick succession? Twins?! Is this normal??!

mrsmon Thu 16-Jun-11 13:20:24

i had a very noticable bump really early on too and this is my 3rd! im now 31 weeks and its the smallest bump iv had at this stage in pregnancy! strange

my mw said that probs because iv had 2 my body knows what it has to do for the pregnancy plus everything is already stretched and so on.
and congrats smile x

Dummyhunter Thu 16-Jun-11 14:02:37

Am currently 12 weeks but have been showing since week 6 (big time!) 2nd child (4th pregnancy) am now having to buy new clothes as the ones l was in at 30 weeks with DC1 do not fit hmm def not twins (but we did wonder) MW thinks this is normal as stomach muscles 'just giveway' - a nice cheery thought!

harassedinherpants Thu 16-Jun-11 14:33:04

I'm 13 weeks with no. 4 (7th preg) and am huge. I haven't told work yet as everyone is out until tomorrow, and I'm now severely limited on the clothes front! I have about 4 outfits that disguise my bump......

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