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Placenta problems

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Franglomum Thu 16-Jun-11 12:49:48

Hello. I am new to mumsnet but it sounds great to be able to talk to other mums and mums to be out there. Anyway, I am currently on bed rest after a large bleed about 4 weeks ago. I have had brown spotting constantly since then but this stopped luckily last week. It seems a small part of my placenta detached and I now have to take it easy. I wondered if anybody else has had a similar problem.
When I went for a check up last week they also found a polyp which they immediately got rid of (bit of a shock as I wasn't expecting that!). I also wondered if anybody has had one of those during pregnancy as my Gy told me he wasn't sure if this or the placenta had caused the bleeding.
Now too scared to do anything at the thought that my placenta may start coming away again!
I have had 2 other children with problem free pregnancies but this one seems to be very problematic! It may be my age as I was 42 last week!!!
Oh yes, I seem to have tested positive for strep b too!! So am now worrying about that too!
I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and live in France so I don't know any other pregnant mums around here and a chat would be good!

mrsmon Thu 16-Jun-11 13:03:19

hey i havent been through any of this but just wanted to say hope ur ok and keep your chin up and try not to worry although it will be hard not too.

girlfromdownsouth Thu 16-Jun-11 13:10:25

Hi, not the same as you but have also had probs with my placenta. Mine was completely covering the opening of the cervix which resulted in about 4 bleeds which I ended up in A&E and on the ward for. I am 40 and this is also my 3rd pg after 2 completely trouble free previous pgs. I am convinced that age has got something to do with it as my other pgs were 7 & 8.5 yrs ago.

I am now 36wks and it seems to have settled down now as the placenta has moved away which means I am no longer looking at a definite c/s. However this one remains resolutely breech so if it hasn't turned by 38wks, the c/s is back on!

Try not to worry (easier said than done), stay on Mumsnet and try and keep yourself occupied.

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