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Diarrhea in Pregnancy

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Cocoflower Thu 16-Jun-11 11:36:41

Im 23 weeks pregnant.

All throughout the pregnancy I have had the odd bout of diarrhea that comes and goes so not really worried.

However for the past 24 hours it seems to have got quite bad. Im getting stomach cramps, the urgent need to go to the toilet and very runny diarrhea.

Sometimes as bad as once an hour, and even in the night last night also.

I have phoned the doctor and she said to come in to give a sample (yuk!) but I feel a bit too unwell to drive down right now so am seeing if DH can do it. She said could be hormones or could be a virus so they need to check.

In the meantime Im getting worried until the sample can be done and the results back.

Has anyone else suffered this and what was it? Im worried baby is getting no food as my appeitate is gone. I just managed a small smoothie but it didnt stay in my system very long.....

Wombat33 Thu 16-Jun-11 12:11:50

Cocoflower poor you. I've had a stroppy digestive system fairly regularly during this pg and it never sems to be caused by anything in particular. I haven't had an episode quite as bad as you describe, but I do think pg bodies can be very tetchy and more often than not it's nothing to worry about. It's a good idea to get checked out though, just in case the docs can do something to help you. In the meantime, don't worry at all about baby. As I undeerstand it (though I'm not a medic) few days of limited food intake won't harm it at all. It will take what it needs from your stores and if anyone is left depeleted it will be you! You should be careful to try and keep yourself hydrated though and if it gets to the point where you're really stuggling to do this, contact your doctor and/or midwife again. Hope it sorts itself out quickly and you're feeling better soon.

Cocoflower Thu 16-Jun-11 12:40:48

Thanks wombat.

I am now thinking of going in to the actual doctor (was a telephone consulation this morning) as I have had five 'episodes' since 7.30am this seems to be worsening.

It doesnt help Im scaring myself with things on the internet talking about diarrhea leading to premature birth etc.... (167th reminder to self: must not google health problems)

Wombat33 Thu 16-Jun-11 13:04:37

I think premature birth is very unlikely - stop googling (though I'm a fine one to dish out that advice!)!! It sounds to me like the trip to the doctors would be very worthwhile, even if the only thing they can do is reassure you.

CBear6 Thu 16-Jun-11 13:07:45

I got a dodgy tummy around 24/25 weeks. I was being sick and had diarrhoea too, pretty everything that went in was coming out one end or the other (I caught it from DS and passed it onto DH - most miserable weekend ever).

It lasted about 24 hours but it was horrendous. The main thing is to keep hydrated, I was told to try lemonade rather than water as the carbonation can help settle your tummy and it was sugars and things in it or isotonic sports drinks. Keep a bottle near you and sip constantly. If you can then try some dry toast or scrambled eggs but if you can't don't worry, fluids are more important.

My baby is fine, I was worried she would be hurt or damaged by it and the MW told me that baby will take what it needs and mum gets whatever resources are left over - which is partly why it takes so long to shake off bugs, etc in pregnancy.

Hopefully the doctors will be able to give you something to help you feel better

eastegg Thu 16-Jun-11 15:02:37

Hi cocoflower. I'm 24 weeks and have also had intermittent bouts of diarrhoea during this PG (none at all with the last one). It's slightly perplexing and inconvenient but like you I haven't been too concerned. This latest one you've had sounds worse, as if it might be a bug or something you've eaten. Things like that can be absolutely horrendous while they're happening but ultimately nothing to worry about. As others have said, baby will take what it needs. Do go and get it checked out though.

I hadn't heard about a diarrhoea/premature birth link. Think I will choose to ignore that.

Cocoflower Thu 16-Jun-11 19:57:07

Hi everyone

Well it seems to have settled down a bit on its own (hopefully). DH noticed I have stared drinking a lot of flavoured sparkling water so wonder if the artifical sweetner in it might have been acting like a laxative?

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