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How long after a sweep did your baby come (already in labour)

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crazybubbasmummy Thu 16-Jun-11 09:13:32

I was having contractions from 2pm yesterday, they got quite intense at 11pm and was very close together, so i went to hospital but by the time i got there they wasnt very painful, the midwife said i was 2cm dilated and was having definatley in early labour with definate contractions, she gave me a sweep and sent me home, now ive had a few contractions this morning but nothing like yesterday, how long till things kick in? has anyone had a similar experience i feel like ive been waiting for ever, with my first son i just went straight to very painful contractions at 5 mins apart and was only in labour for 4 hours

Imnotaslimjim Thu 16-Jun-11 09:16:16

I started with some pretty bad contractions, they woke me screaming at 5am. By the time I'd got to hospital, it had all stopped. Had ctx through the day, which gradually built up into regular and long ones. Went back to hospital 10pm same day, had DS 7am following morning

saoirse86 Thu 16-Jun-11 09:26:49

I started contractions 10 mins apart at 11pm on the tuesday evening and thought my waters had broken. Went into hospital weds morning at about 10am and had a check and a sweep (they said it was hind waters so no need to induce or anything). My contractions got gradually closer and closer together and stronger and had DD on the friday at 6.42pm. So 56 hours for me. I think it's normally a lot quicker than that though.

Get on that birthing ball and do plenty of walking to help it along a bit quicker.

Good luck smile

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