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kri5ty Thu 16-Jun-11 08:03:50


I just wondered if any of you out there have ME/ CFS and how you are getting on?

I have my first appointment with the consultant on monday, and i am dreading it, having to try to explain everything (brain fog i sone thing that hasn't gone during pregnancy), and with my luck he will be a doctor who doesnt recognise it :-(

candr Thu 16-Jun-11 17:18:37

Hi, I have CFS and have been doing ok. Having said that was off work today as for past 3 nights have been awake since 3am and just couldn't cope with class today. I do have to make sure I sit with others at lunch and chat to keep myself awake and I make sure I do as little as poss at weekends and leave as early as I can at end of day. Am lucky enough to have caring DH wo has got much better at doing meals and jobs now that I am bigger and finding I get really tired (25+4). I have to be careful saying how tired I am as did not declare CFS on job health form. Hope your app goes well and you get a good Dr.

kri5ty Fri 17-Jun-11 07:40:59

hey hun thank you :-)

Luckily the majority of my never ending list of symtoms vanished as soon as i fell pregnant, i am just finding myself tiring really easily, but as of yet have not had a "bad" day, where i can not even get out of bed, or my bf has to get me up etc which i am very happy about, before pregnancy i was just starting to recover after 3 years of graded exercise, so i have everything crossed i wont relapse after the birth!

yummymango Fri 17-Jun-11 07:58:18

I have fibromyalgia which I think is very similar. I have actually felt a bit better actually since being pregnant and haven't had as many pain symptoms as usual (so far - I am 25 weeks) although have had lots of headaches and if I don't get enough sleep I really suffer. I have to change doctors as I have moved house and I am dreading having to explain everything to someone else who might not be as sympathetic towards the condition so have been sneaking back to my old GP but can only do that until baby is born!
Good luck with your appointment and congrats on your pregnancy smile

kri5ty Fri 17-Jun-11 08:43:43

yummymango thats exactly like me! I have just changed doctors as i was worried about my MATB1 form and i got all worried in case they found out i was sneaking back to my old doctor... i dread explaining it all again to my new gp, if and when i need to sad i was lucky i had a fantastic nurse at my old docs who will fight for us all!

My ME consultant explained that ME/ CTS and Fibromyalgia girls all seem to improve during pregnancy, as do MS gilries... but no one has any idea why!! I wish they would figure it out... and bottle it, its a cure for us all!

yummymango Fri 17-Jun-11 09:09:58

Well with a bit of luck our new doctors won't be as bad as we think!
I have heard some people say it gets better and some people say they get worse. I am just happy that I don't feel too bad at the minute and hope it continues!
I wonder if hormones have something to do with it? Or maybe we look after ourselves a bit more when pregnant, ie get more sleep et maybe that has something to do with it. I wonder if being on the pill would have a similar affect??

kri5ty Fri 17-Jun-11 09:31:05

Its all interesting stuff, they shuld do a study! Its an interesting thought about the pill

I am having less sleep now, although i am off all my medictaion, so its a more "natural sleep!", something which i was never ale to have beofre, i d go days with no sleep at night, but sleep all throught he day.

Like you the majority of my pains have gone, i still have a few, but i am thinking these are normal for pregnancy, and i guess we can just cope better withthe pain as we are used to it grin

im glad you are feeling better and i have everything crossed for you that it continues!!!

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