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Bad pain in lower back... Hips/pelvis/??

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kri5ty Thu 16-Jun-11 07:44:49


I am 14 weeks, and i am having very bad pain in my lower back, aorund, and in line with my coccyx. Non at the front aroud my pelvis though, although i am aware that it goes around to the back too.

If i am sat down for too long, for example on the sofa i cannot straighten up properly, and i am in so much pain, it takes about 5 minutes of walking around to be able to stand up properly. Also it effects the way i walk, and i have developed a waddle (i normally wiggle lol) to help with the pain.

I am double jointed and wondered if that may have something to do with it, as i have clicky hips.

I am seeing my consultant on monday for the first time so i will mention it to him

buttonmoon78 Thu 16-Jun-11 07:55:58

Sounds like spd to me. I too have more pain round the sacro-illiac joint at the back.

I too have hypermobile joints (double jointedness). Many people who have this also get spd.

When you see your consultant ask for an urgent referral to a women's health physio as the earlier you tackle this the better.

There's a thread you might find useful - 'spd: who'll join me on the birthing ball'. There'll be a lot of info on there and any specific questions you have will be answered v quickly. Some of us are spd veterans over there!

kri5ty Thu 16-Jun-11 08:07:17

aww thanks hun, i have just found that thread now smile see you over there!

this consultant will hate me, i have nearly everything wrong going haha


buttonmoon78 Thu 16-Jun-11 08:08:32

grin it's what they're paid for!

kri5ty Thu 16-Jun-11 08:48:51

Haha that is very true!

I really want a water birth, but being high risk, the midwife just threw the leaflet on the birth centre away as it was a "tease" lol, and as i have ME, have been told by people i may have to have a c section, but if it is spd then i have heard they make it worse

ahhh well it will all be worth it once my little bundle of joy arrives grin

thanks again hun xx

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