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could baby's head being engaged fool me into thinking I have SPD?

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TinyDiamond Wed 15-Jun-11 22:30:49

Hi there,

I'm 31 weeks.

For a week now I have been having pretty horrendous pelvic, hip and lower back pain. It came on last tues (typically the day after I saw mw) and has become progressively worse every day. Baby was ceph when she felt.

The pain is very strong when I get up in the night and in the morning. It seems to lessen to bearable for the rest of the day as long as I am not walking-walking really hurts.

I keep wondering whether the head actually could've engaged this early, is that possible?? Reason for this is that baby is having alot of hiccups lately and I can feel the head jump actually on my cervix and pressure on pelvis and I cannot move without an extreme waddle and at a very slow speed sad

The other thing is when I do my pelvic floors it feels very different kind of like I am actually squeezing up onto the head. Would I even be able to feel this?

I have always been weeing very frequently but pressure on bladder has definitely also increased.

If head has engaged does that mean I could go into premature labour? Got lots of braxton hicks today but was in an overly hot cafe far too hot and bothered and they lessened after I cooled down again so put it down to that. I did call community midwives they told me no chance of an appt and to take paracetamol...

Sorry for long post hoping somebody has some words of wisdom.

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