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lightsandshapes Wed 15-Jun-11 18:54:42

Been for a 21 week scan today - all fine. They said there might be a small fibroid the size of a cherry tomato in the womb, but they are not sure so will scan again in 6 weeks. Has anyone else had this?

fizzypigs Wed 15-Jun-11 19:11:15

hello! when i went for 20wk scan they found a fibroid too. it wasn't there at the 12wk one. midwife didn't seem concerned at all when i asked her about it. she said the only concern would be if it blocked the cervix...which it didn't. sonographer said lots of women have them and don't know about them until they have ultrasounds. they also tend to grow during pregnancy due to the hormones that preg women have. apparently they can die / go away after preg when hormone levels go back to normal. some women's fibroids die during preg and i understand that that can be quite painful! i'm 32wks now and touch wood have had no probs with it. but you've reminded me to ask again at my next appt as i haven't been offered an additional scan or anything - would be good to be reassured that it hasn't moved or grown massively. hope some of this info is of help!

sidorek Wed 15-Jun-11 20:33:19

hi, we are heresmile

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