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Morning sickness and working with food

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MrsHuxtable Wed 15-Jun-11 17:16:18

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and morning sickness kicked in 2 days ago. I manage to keep food down mostly (though what I can eat and smell or even think of is really limited to maybe 3 random things a day) but have horrendous nausea all day long. The sheer sight and thought of food makes me retch.

I've been off work on honeymoon for the last couple of weeks but am now due to go back on Friday, which I wouldn't mind but I work in a cafe as a cook / deli person depending on shift. The pure thought of all the cold meats in the deli and the smells in the shop in general is making me want to throw up. I guess this is made worse by the fact I'm a vegetarian. I'm not usually bothered working with meat but right now....

I honestly don't know what to do. Staying home is not really an option as I only get SSP.

So my question is really, is there anyone else working with food on here who had to deal with with morning sickness and has any advice???

I feel so wiped out from the last two days already (first-time wimp) that all I want to do is cry...

m1nn1em0u5e Wed 15-Jun-11 17:19:13

I dont work with food, but I can sympathise, im 7 weeks & feel exactly the same, my 2 ds have lived off beans, cheese, scrambled egg on toast for the last couple of days, dh is on his way home to cook for them tonight....I just cant face the smell etc....Good Luck on Friday, btw you are not a wimp, this is my third time & I feel so wiped out, I actually cried to my GP on Monday I feel so wretched x

IslaValargeone Wed 15-Jun-11 17:29:10

I'm afraid my story isn't very inspiring, I was cheffing in an Italian restaurant when I got pg, I had no choice but to stay at home in the end, as I was completely unable to function because of the sickness.
10 years later and the smell of melted cheese still haunts me.
Sorry I can't offer any advice, just huge amounts of symapthy to you both.

nannyl Wed 15-Jun-11 17:33:20

could you stomach clearing the plates away and being more of a waitress, or taking orders and giving people their drinks etc?

could that be an option? (although of course you will see and smell the food on the plates etc too)

MrsHuxtable Wed 15-Jun-11 17:52:34

I think the whole waitressing bit would be somewhat better, only I don't think anyone would be able or willing to swap shifts with me. Plus, apart from one girl, noone there knows I'm pregnant. They'll just think I'm being awkward...Oh dear... I really hope this isn't going on for too long. The shop also has an organic greengrocer bit in the front, with fresh air. Wish I could somehow transfer there but I don't see how.

Serves me right for being so naive and thinking I'll take this whole pregnancy thing in my stride.

Isla, I'm not suprised to hear you had to stay home in the end. Just thinking about it...

Maybe I'm lucky and I'll feel fine by Friday. How long does morning sickness usually last?

Dawnywoo Wed 15-Jun-11 18:05:14

Hello Mrs Huxtable. I sympathise completely. I'm 40 years old, 18 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby and run my own busy cafe / deli 6 days a week with only my mum for part time help. Morning sickness kicked in with me at 6 weeks. It was not fun cooking fried eggs and sausages all morning then making sandwiches all afternoon with 'stinky' deli meats.

Morning sickness tailed off around 14 weeks so there is an end in the meantime...Get as much fresh air as possible. I kept the back door open whilst cooking and popped my head out for gulps of air when I could. Also, keep hydrated. Try to nibble crackers / pieces of fruit / whatever you can as often not eating makes it worse (although you are sick of the sight of food)

At 18 weeks, I still cannot stand the smell of chicken / salami / ham etc so I have to ask my mum to take over if a sandwich order involves any of these while I move on to the next order which is hopefully something less nauseating which helps.

Do tell the people you work with how you feel, ask to 'swap over' when you need to and hang in there. I'm sure they will understand. I make the drinks and wash dishes if I can't stand being over the food and need some time out.

Good luck, and hope the sickness wears off soon for you. x

mandoo Wed 15-Jun-11 18:17:37

Firstly congratulation.

Secondly I totally know how you feel. Am currently 11 weeks and suffering awful morning sickness, as I did with my first as well. This time round has been worse as I have my DS to look after. My advice would be to go and see your G.P and be signed off work as the situation is not likely to get better for a few weeks yet.

Morning sickness is totally underrated. It is truly debilitating at times. You have very little strength, most likely lose weight and feel depressed with the constant nausea. Try and stay strong it will go.

Also your G.P can advice you on medication avalible to combat the sickness. In my first pregnancy this was not mentioned at all to me but this time round am on an anti sickness drug called Prochlorperazine buccal, which helps to keep most of the food down. Still being sick 4/5 times a day.

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