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Just been referred back to fertility clinic, possibly not ovulating

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munkiii Tue 14-Jun-11 21:46:17

Hello all, am hoping the wisdom of MN can help.

Posted this in Conception but only one reply (Thanks to that poster, much appreciated) hoping for a few more replies here!

Long story but it took my DH and I a very long time to conceive our DD and we had previously been referred to the fertility clinic where a possible cause was my very irregular periods (ranging from 26 to 56 days) and there was a strong indication that I was not ovulating every cycle. DH checked out- no probs.

Of course, as these things often go, the day of our appointment I became PG (which ended in a MC but then became PG on the next cycle) so we never got started with the investigation process!

In view to thinking about another DC I have been to and from the doctors and had the usual day 21 tests and so on (cycles ranging again from 26 to 56 days) and indications again to not ovulating.

DD still very young, but thinking ahead and wanting to get investigations started I have been referred back to the clinic.

My question is really, what to expect? I think I will probably have the checks for a blocked fallopian tube (what does that involve?) but am wondering if perhaps they will try to medically manage my cycles/ovulation.

What experiences do you have? Any stories to share, or is anyone going through similar?

Not sure how I feel at the moment, a bit all over the place but hopeful!

Thank you in advance.

ToriaPumpkin Tue 14-Jun-11 22:55:15

I don't have any experience but I know a lot of the ladies I spoke to while TTC did, so hopefully they'll see one of your threads and pop up with some help.

As far as I know, the procedure for checking for blocked tubes involves a hycosy, which involves a small plastic catheter being insterted into the fallopian tubes via the cervix to inject dye, you're then scanned to see how freely the dye moves.

I hope someone with more experience than I comes along soon x

reallygrumpy Tue 14-Jun-11 23:55:59

As well as the check of your tubes (which is uncomfortable but over quickly) you'll also probably have a scan to check your ovaries and blood tests at various points in your cycle. If you aren't ovulating, there are drugs you can be given (clomid is most commonly used) to help you ovulate. Good luck!

CBear6 Wed 15-Jun-11 08:54:12

Your story has so much in common with my own.

DH and I tried for three years with no success, I also had irregular cycles. During the last 12 months of those three years my GP was testing bloods every week looking for the spike that would indicate ovulation, didn't get one so referred us for tests. The fertility centre did their questionnaires, checked DH, etc and he was fine. I was due to have investigations, had my appointment to get the blocked tubes test, found out the day before it that I was pregnant, also miscarried, and then got pregnant with DS.

The few tests the clinic did do before I got pregnant were a blood test to check my general health (blood count, glucose, etc), they also tested for STDs including HIV although that test is entirely optional and I knew I didn't have any I still wanted to check absolutely everything, they did a smear test (possibly because I was overdue for one anyway?), and they did a basic internal ultrasound. The ultrasound was to check that I had the correct equipment in the right place and that there were no obvious issues, it did show that I had a retroverted uterus and that my left ovary is "slightly" polycystic.

Then they said they were referring me for an HSG which involves putting dye into the womb and then xraying it to look for blockages. I didn't get that far with the tests but it was explained that blockages are relatively rare, especially when the evidence they already had pointed to a lack of ovulation with no indication on the ultrasound of blockage. I have a link that might help about the HSG:

They told me that I should maintain a healthy weight, avoid alcohol and smoking, etc., the usual stuff. And that so long as the HSG came back clear they would give me a course of Clomid to induce ovulation.

I know how stressful it all is but at the time I was just glad someone was taking us seriously and actually doing something about it. Fingers crossed you get a quick resolution smile

munkiii Wed 15-Jun-11 09:08:06

Thanks so much for your replies- I really appreciate them.
Does anyone know what happens if you are put on Clomid? Are there side effects and do they scan you to see what happens?

Thanks again.

Malvapoeding Wed 15-Jun-11 09:12:35

I can only say what my side effects were - I got hot flushes, was ever so moody (a bit like PMS) and not much else. I was advised to take the clomid at night and then the symptoms are too bad and it works, hot flushes etc were less and so was my crabbiness! You need to make sure you are monitored on clomid either scans and day 21 bloods or just bloods.

ANNAPTA Wed 15-Jun-11 10:07:51

Hi All. Isn't it great that we can all share and help each other! I just got my FSH level test and it is 11. My gynecologist said I must go off all contraceptives as I am 52 . I really don't want to fall pregnant as I do have 2 beautiful grown up kids. After getting the result of 11 she suggested us using condoms as according to her my level should be over 20 before I can leave any type of contraceptive....I feel 25 today ! I read the Questions and Answers on the forum and it sounds like it is the opposite way round ? What should my level be if I don't want to use any form of contraceptive?.... I did a FSH level test a year ago and it was 16.9. Can someone assist with my problem ?

highheelsandequations Wed 15-Jun-11 15:12:40

Okay, this has ended up longer than I intended. This is my story munkii and I hope it's of some use to you.

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years before we started ttc. When we started ttc I went straight to my GP and got referred to the fertility clinic. My consultant looked at the blood tests I had had done (can't remember levels sorry), did an internal scan and asked lots of questions. Because my cycles were very irregular (32-80+ days) and the polycycstic ovaries shown on the scan my consultant's view was that I was not ovulating so wanted me to start on clomid. Before I could get the clomid I had to be checked for chlamidia (sp?) and my rubella immunity, and DP had to have his semen analysed. When all the checks came back okay (which took a while) I was prescibed 3 months of clomid. This involved more internal scans in the first cycle and blood tests every cycle to check the drugs were doing their thing. I was scaned around day 12 to see if there was a dominant follicle, there wasn't so I had to have a second scan a few days later, and this would have been repeated until it looked like my body was preparing to ovulate. The blood test was done 7 days after they thought ovulation had happened to check progesterone levels and confirm ovulation. You should be monitored like this to check the dosage you are given is effective. I was told that if the 3 months were unsuccessful then I'd need to have a HSG but I know some places they do a HSG before prescribing clomid.

For the 3 months I was on clomid I had regular cycles and the tests suggested I was ovulating, although a little later than expected. I didn't notice any uncomfortable side effects. The 3 cycles did not result in a BFP though so I was told that I needed to book a HSG for the first half of my next cycle. This would involve dye being inserted into the fallopian tubes and an X-ray performed to check all was clear (I think) and i was told it would be uncomfortable but shouldn't be painful. As is happened, after waiting 68 days for my period to start so I could book my HSG I got my BFP.

The clomid didn't work for us but something did (was trying everything at the time from fertility yoga, bee pollen, acupuncture, relaxation, vitamins, agnus castus,...) and my LO is due 4 weeks today. Hope my story has been helpful and if there are any questions I might be able to answer from my experience feel free to ask.

BrassicaBabe Wed 15-Jun-11 15:50:05

I left my first fertility appointment with a)a prescription for clomid to start taking immediately b)sperm test for DH c)referral for HSG d)instructions to have blood tests on day 21 to check hormone levels.

Got pg before HSG, but miscarried. Didn't bother rebooking HSG and got pg the next month. Twins! I def put that down to the clomid.

Good luck!

munkiii Wed 15-Jun-11 19:06:58

Thanks again for the replies- and congratulations highheels on your brand new wee one.

Once I have been for my appointment I may well have more questions, I will certainly ask them!

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