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Coil removal and pregnancy

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FrankieLee Tue 14-Jun-11 20:57:16

I had the copper coil removed on Wednesday to start trying for a baby. We had unprotected sex that afternoon as I had a period due at the weekend and thought it unlikely I'd fall pregnant at that point in my cycle. My doctor assured me the coil removal wouldn't interfere with my period as it was a non-hormone based contraceptive and my cycle would continue as normal.

My period hasn't started and I'm very regular, I'm 3 days late and displaying the same pregnancy symptoms I had with my daughter in the first month of conception- very itchy skin, no period or spotting (I always spot for a couple of days before my period), general feeling of unwell, cramps, slight bloating, total aversion to alcohol and heightened smell. I've also been suffering from extreme exhaustion even though I'm a very active person, and I've had very painful indigestion - both symptoms I really suffered from in my last pregnancy.

I took a True Blue digital home pregnancy test and it came up negative. By my calculations I could only be 6 days pregnant, and about 2-3 days late for my period. Is there a possibility I'm pregnant or are these side-affects from the coil removal? Both myself and my daughter were conceived straight before periods so it's not impossible in my family!

Eviepoo Tue 14-Jun-11 21:12:27

The doctor asked if I had had sex in the last couple of days before getting the coil out...and warned that if I had I could get pregnant straight away. I didn't but have know it can happen, no hormones to settle down etc.

I was lucky bfp 2.5months after coil came out.

If I were you I would try wait a week and test - ok so thats easier said than done. But you are likely to know for sure then.

cowboylover Tue 14-Jun-11 21:35:17

I had my coil out in August and didn't have the first period now sitting holding my 2 week old DD!

I didn't get positive test til I was 10 days late and the clear blue digital tests are very unpredictable so maybe worth giving it a few days and trying a different type of test.

FrankieLee Tue 14-Jun-11 22:52:32

Thank you for the advice ladies grin I'm really hoping it's the tests that are incorrect! I seem to remember Clear Blue gave me negative results during my last pregnancy so I'm going to wait until the weekend and try a different brand. It's so lovely to hear when people conceived straight after having the coil removed, makes me feel a whole lot more positive about the situation.

LearningFast Wed 15-Jun-11 13:14:18

I also had a non-hormone based coil prior to TTC and compared with my friends who used hormone based contraceptives I conceived very quickly (within 3 days of first DTD with intent), despite being 39 years old.

However, my situation is slightly different to yours in that during the process of taking out the coil they found a cyst on my cervix which the doctor wanted checking prior to me TTC so we used condoms for a few weeks in between.

As with Eviepoo, the doctor did also check whether I had had sex in the last couple of days before taking the coil out though, as some women do conceive in those circumstances apparently!

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