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what a difference a midwife makes!

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hayesgirl Tue 14-Jun-11 13:06:30

I recently moved and so had to change doctors and midwife. Had my first app with her yesterday an my goodness what a difference!!! My old midwife was nice enough but I always left apps thinking that she hadnt really addressed anything or answered any of my queries... she just had this way of brushing over things so that at the time I thought I knew what was what but then when i thought about it later i didnt!

Yesterday was supposed to be a 10 min app but she was so lovely and happy to explain things and ask my opinion on things that i ended up there for 25 mins. Just sorry i only met her 31 weeks into my pregnancy!

rightontime Tue 14-Jun-11 15:29:43

Having a good MW makes all the difference. My current MW sounds like your first one but inprevious pregnancies I never saw the same one twice and it was pot luck as to whether you got a good one or a bad one.

nannyl Tue 14-Jun-11 15:50:22

I feel so lucky too

My community midwife is fab. The care i get is so much better than anyone else i know in other areas

Our appointments are 15min but im normally in there 20 - 25mins (ok she is often running late, but hey ho, id rather wait a little while and feel valued / looked after and not rushed)

I have also had more appts than anyone else i know (there are no problems or anything and never have been)... will have seen her 8 times by 28 weeks, (7 times in drs surgary and an hours home visit) plus another quick home visit when she dropped in a leaflet to my home for me as had run out at my appt.
6 times her, twice another midwife in the same team who covers her as on holiday, this other midwife was as good IMO

Im planning a home birth and have a 2/5 chance of her being present at my birth! I really really hope she is!

hayesgirl Tue 14-Jun-11 16:13:10

I am planning a home birth too and whereas my first midwife said that it was being encouraged in our area she didnt actually do any encouraging and never put anything in my notes to say i wanted this. As soon as I told my new midwife she was really encouraging and asking me if i had to the homebirth seminar at the hospital and what i thought about it, shes written it in my notes and is going to come out and see me at home in a few weeks time to go over everything. She even told me that she didnt think i should bother with the hospital ante natal classes i was booked for as they are very geared up for hospital births with all the trimmings and said that she would go over breatfeeding with me when she comes to see me at home. Its like a breath of fresh air!! : )

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