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Kiddicare nappies

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kri5ty Tue 14-Jun-11 10:57:21

I have seen kiddicares own brand nappies here they are £25 for 240, which i think is pretty good, they only have a couple of reviews, but just wanted to know if anyone knew anybody that has used them?

corkythecat Tue 14-Jun-11 14:02:37

Did a few sums the other night and the supermarket own brands work out cheaper, aprox 5p per nappy.

BeeMyBaby Tue 14-Jun-11 14:30:54

My DM and I were doing the maths this morning, supermarkets have so many deals and currently for Huggies size 5 it works out at £21 for 144 rather than £25 for 150 Kiddicare nappies. So not cheaper at all, and I can't imagine anyone ever paying the full price for them.

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