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Hungry or nauseous

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Emy84 Mon 13-Jun-11 18:01:55

I seem to be feeling sooo hungry to the point where my stomach feels empty and is growling but cant fancy much and get bloated quickly, or I am really nauseous and cant face eating at all!! I knew nausea was common at this stage (I am ~7weeks) but is it normal to be so hungry?
Is this normal one minute I am stuffing my face the next gagging at the thought of food? DH is finding it a bit confusing lol

jamama Mon 13-Jun-11 18:09:07

Perfectly normal - my MS was characterised by a need to eat constantly. Small portions of whatever you can face - for me, bananas, rice cakes, crisps were the things I wanted, and I felt sick if I waited or tried not to eat between meals. Dried fruit was good as well. Keep a sports bottle of water nearby if you can as well to keep topping yourself up. I gained 1/2 a stone in 1st trimester, but am still at same weight now at 19+3 eating a fairly normal diet, so I am trying not to worry about any of that.

KatyN Mon 13-Jun-11 19:32:23

Yep, same for me. I felt sick when I didn't eat anything and sick when I ate too much. So had half sized portions for main meals and snacked during the day.

Actually i snacked during the night too because I found I'd wake up and feel sick from being hungry.. a little handful of nuts would lull me off to sleep again!

pregnantmimi Mon 13-Jun-11 20:53:34

yes yes yes bless I know how you feel just take it easy. I used to feel sooooo hungry I could be up in the middle of the night stuffing my face with coco pops hence why I put on a stone and a half first trimester lost half now. But then yes in the day especially couldnt eat anything just chips till about 9 weeks then coco pops oh and ice cream took vitamin so didnt worry too much about eating chips and that cause it was all I could stomach without feeling ill. So hopefully you will find a food you can stomach having said that of course its better to eat a varied healtly diet. xx

jamama Mon 13-Jun-11 21:41:38

Oh yes, I'd conveniently forgotten the 4am getting up to snack routine, thank goodness that didn't last for too long, even if it felt like forever at the time.

dribbleface Mon 13-Jun-11 21:53:58

oh god yes, first sign i was pregnant was throwing up but being hungry at same time! i feel for you i really do.

kri5ty Tue 14-Jun-11 08:37:30

yup Emy84 same for me too at that stage... i was so nauseous all the time, but i was also starving!! I read that if you eat a little every 2 hours then it helps... well i was eating a lot every 2 hours!! And i would wake up in the night and have to get something to eat. All i could stomach was things like burgers, kfc etc... i was lucky and it stopped about week 9, and i was never actually sick yay smile

I am not 14 weeks, and i still have a huge appetite! I had breakfast at 5.30 toady when i got up, and im sooo hungry now already!

PeppaKew Tue 14-Jun-11 09:20:26

I used to eat 3 breakfasts in the 1st trimester. 1 when i got up. 2 when i arrived at work 1.5 hrs later and then by 1130 i was starving. Had to eat all the time or would feel or be sick. Try to keep to healthy-ish snacks. I didn't and wish I had somehow managed as I now have a 9 mo and am still quite overweight. My MW told me not to worry but I do wish I'd had apples instead of cookies. I think it's to do with blood sugar levels or something.

sidorek Tue 14-Jun-11 11:44:41

oh yes, this is so familiar to me! in fact it was one of the suprises, as I never anticipated to be hungry while pregnant! Hungry and nausious at the same time that is. Plus, I could not eat much more then a banana or muller rice for some time and could not work out what I wanted, as everything was "vile". As a result, I lost quote some weigh and only now at 4,5moths I am reaching my initial pre-preggie weight.
If I can advice anything from my experience - drink a lot ( for me tea with lemon and sugar was a god send) and each what you can. Do not worry that you will starve the baby, as somehow it is not affecting them in the slightest. Good luck.

kri5ty Tue 14-Jun-11 11:50:01

totally agree, for me pregnancy vitamin thingys were a god send, as i couldnt eat fruit or veg, but at least bump was getting most of what they needed from them!

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