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As a pregnant women, is style important?Does Fashion still matter?

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mytime777 Mon 13-Jun-11 13:57:29

A number of my friends have recently become pregnant and I am really really surprised at how they have changed ie Some of my friends are really interested in fashion and would not be seen dead in something that was classed as 'last' season so to speak however since becoming pregnant are not too bothered.
I am hoping to start a family end of this year early next if all goes to plan; being quite fashion concious myself ( although not overly) , I am really intrigued at how pregnant women see themselves and fashion. I know priorities change and expecting a baby puts things into perspective but as an expectant mum is it still important to look good?

Should I expect to ignore my self image and take out the old oversized track suit for 9 months or do people still treat themselves to clothes, treatments etc to look and feel good during this time?

Look forward to hearing what the expectant mummies on Mn think...

chandellina Mon 13-Jun-11 14:08:01

of course it matters. in the olden days maybe you'd just wear a sack and get on with it but it's definitely possible now to remain fashionable and keep your intrinsic style. that said, maybe women do lower their game, because no one wants to spend a fortune on maternity clothes that won't get a lot of wear. I borrowed a lot that I wouldn't have bought if I'd seen it in a shop.

Cattleprod Mon 13-Jun-11 14:08:32

I still like to look stylish, but comfort is much more important now. For example I'll wear my yoga trousers out instead of just to the gym. I still wear fitted tops, leggings, skirts etc. I haven't descended into a fug of mumsiness, baggy fleeces, stonewashed jeans etc.!

I do find tight waistbands, rather than just being a bit uncomfy like they are when not preg, can actually make me feel ill - nauseous, painful belly, lightheaded, scared etc.

grottielottie Mon 13-Jun-11 14:13:27

For me it's about finding the choice of stuff I like (at a reasonable price) while considering how it will fit me over the coming months. It's probably much easier than it used to be with online shopping etc, but can't say it's the best, very little in my normal style. I think it's probably easier said than done.

I've bought a few nice things and wear these repeatedly as I just can't justify spending a fortune on a whole new wardrobe of clothes when there is so much else to save for. Finding nice clothes and making an effort has helped me embrace my changing shape though rather than looking in the mirror and thinking 'you can polish a turd' and 'oh i'm so fat' for the next 9 months (well 4 months now).

lovemysleep Mon 13-Jun-11 14:15:57

It's important to me to still feel like I look good, but the choice of styles isn't always to my taste, so I feel a bit unlike myself wearing some of the stuff I've bought. Also, I tend to find that the fit of some things are uncomfortable and that the stuff I really like sells out really quickly in my size!
I've also found that my feet will not tolerate anything remotely uncomfortable, so I've had to buy Fitflops, which to be honest, aren't exactly my cup of tea.
It is frustrating that comfort and availability alter what you would usually wear, but a certain amount of compromise isn't so bad - after all, you're about to embark on a life time of compromise now that you're in charge of your very own child.
I love being pregnant and am prepared to relinquish some of my style for the short amount of time that this process will take. I'm not high maintenance, so I don't feel it as much as some women may!

lizandlulu Mon 13-Jun-11 14:15:59

i have never really been 'fashionable'. i love clothes but being a bigger girl (size 18 pre pregnancy) if something doesnt suit me then i wouldnt wear it, weather its in fashion or not.

when i am pregnant, as long as my clothes are clea, comfortable and look ok together then that suits me. what i am saying is that i still keep my style identity if you like, just have to wear the same clothes more often as i dont want to waste money on somethign i wont wear again. i currently have maybe 10 outfits i can put on in a morning as opposed to the usualy 50!

and re the treatments, i think i have more done when pg than i do when im not as i have more time when on maternity leave

MsChanandlerBong Mon 13-Jun-11 14:19:56

I have found getting fashionable maternity wear really difficult. Most of the stuff I have found on the high street (I'm NOT spending a fortune on stuff I will only wear briefly!) has not been fashionable at all - it has been safe at best. And I hazard a guess is the same stuff they bring out for c3 years at a time. Eg all the jeans seem to be bootcut whereas most people are wearing skinnies/bf cut in the non-pregnant world.

Obviously there are certain practicalities you have to consider when picking clothes when pregnant, but I have been sorely disappointed with the ranges on offer.

My lifesaver maternity buys were from H&M in France, where they seemed to have a much better up-to-date selection in their Future Maman section (what a lovely name!!)

mytime777 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:23:48

I guess it comes down to cost then a lot of the time. If maternity clothes weren't so expensive people would most likely buy more and remain thier stylish selves ... right?

My sister in law said she would lend me her old maternity clothes (when I need them) which I thought was sweet however I cant help feeling a little like i would be a 'cause'... ( that sounds very ungrateful oopps). Have other pregnant mums borrowed a lot of their maternity clothes?
One of my friends has been down to the local charity shops and picked up a few bits and bobs - pregnancy definitely changes you as she would NEVER have done that before!!lol
I am hoping I will still be able to afford the odd treat- even if it is from george at asda!! smile

chandellina Mon 13-Jun-11 14:32:37

i found that i didn't really need that much proper maternity wear. H&M, etc. have loads of normal tops and dresses that can accomodate even a term-sized bump. depends on how much weight you put on but i also wore most of my normal skirts just below the belly until 30 weeks or so.
accessories are crucial, IMO - scarves, good shoes, etc.

Curlyems Mon 13-Jun-11 14:45:33

Bucking the trend slightly, it would appear, but I spent ££££s on trying, insofar as possible, to maintain my pre-pregnancy look of slim-fitting trousers, skinny jeans, skirts etc (from Isabella Oliver, ASOS, Seraphine, Gap Maternity, H&M maternity, Boden) and, lo and behold, my legs/ankles/feet are now so swollen (excessive water retention) at 26 weeks that I now need to purchase some wide (shapeless) trousers and 'orthopaedic' sandals. I despair!

Wombat33 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:46:50

I totally thought I'd be a stylish mum-to-be, but god, it's soooo difficult to find anything that actually fits (and I'm even talking in high-end maternity ranges!). I know each woman is different but most mat clothes are unbearably uncomfortable on my pregnant frame or just don't fit right at all. I've been resorting to non-maternity empire line maxi dresses, but in the recent rain/cooler weather I have to confess I've given in and am wearing jersey yoga pants (yes, track suit bottoms!) to work (teamed with pretty, but flat shoes and colourful tops to show off my bump). I've not got 3 months too go now and am beginning to think it's not worth continuing to search now. I'm just giving in to comfort!

theonlyhb2 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:48:05

hmmmmm, I do try and look stylish but sometimes comfort wins! Its really hard in that in-between stage and then you don't really care but now I finally have a bump (only taken 31 weeks!) it is better and I am looking more stylish.

otchayaniye Mon 13-Jun-11 15:06:49

I've basically bought expensive maternity stuff (Seraphine, Isabella Oliver) on eBay. Only a few things (a dress, five tops, 2 pairs of jeans, three pairs of leggings) but which I will re-sell and recoup the money.

For shoes I have switched entirely to French Soles ballet flats.

I wear japanese haori jackets as outwear, or just my usual cashmere cardis or Burberry trench.

Don't see why you shouldn't give a sh&t how you look. That said, I've entered a phase where I have complications (30 weeks) and I am not scouring eBay for stuff as I may be having her sooner rather than later and I've got other things on my mind!

This pregnancy I am slim with a watermelon bump and it's been much easier to wear normal clothes with a few maternity items, whereas my first I was in the tropics and had put on 4 stone by 7 months and was waddling around with my legs rubbing together (for some reason I bought all dresses, big mistake) and I felt and looked horrible.

Saffra Mon 13-Jun-11 15:25:52

I'm bothered! Obviously comfort is key, but I don't want to look awful or scruffy either.... That said, I have dropped my heels in favour of flats, apart from for nights out. And, I bought a mid heel for the first time ever recently - which was a bit of a shocker for me!

I second the suggestion of buying clothes on ebay. I do really like Isabella Oliver, but don't really want to pay £££ as wearing these clothes for such a short period of time and have mucho to buy elsewhere. Having a few nice items, mixed with more everyday maternity wear, plus some of my old clothes (I'm 26 weeks) has given me lots of options. Not perfect, but absolutely fine for me.

nannyl Mon 13-Jun-11 15:29:52

the issue is finding maternity clothes (at reasonably affordable prices) i think

there is very limited choice on the highstreet imo

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 13-Jun-11 15:34:43

I don't mind anything but uncomfortable trousers are making my life a misery. It's impossible to find trousers for a size 22 pregnant shortarse.

FrumpyPumpy Mon 13-Jun-11 15:48:44

eBay was great, and a capsule wardrobe helps. I have 10 outfits, so can vary across the fortnight when was at work. Have lived in leggings and dresses/tunics, with flat boots in winter and sandals when warmer.

I've not bought into some trends as I would normally, eg didn't bother with chinos as by the time it was springy enough to wear them it seemed not worth it.

I' still wearing a LOT of non maternity stuff too, despite being due today.

One thing to consider is breastfeeding: I know the dresses I have will be useless as will need strappy vest to pull down and top to pull up. If I have seen and liked stuff suitable for then too, i have bought.

Re treatments? Yy more than normal, as per accessories and other treats blush

reenzeen Mon 13-Jun-11 16:14:14

I think (hope) i have remained fashionable throughout my pregnancy and enjoy the task of trying to remain fashionable while pregnant - I see it as a challenge!

I have had my haircut from down my back to a funky crop also and have had many nice comments- the positve comments really make u feel nice when your generally feeling crappy or tired so i think its really worth it, and I know when i get dressed up and put make up on I feel better about myself!

Although most days im straight into trackie bottoms/jammies as soon as i'm home for pure comfort!

I have 2 pairs of maternity trousers and that is the only maternity clothes i've bought- just bought a size up or wore my own clothes with my belly really filling them out. am nearly 38 wks so hope it doesn't go down the pan in the next few wks!!!

I'm all on for fashionable mums to be!!!

SoTiredoftheWheelsontheBus Mon 13-Jun-11 16:32:28

the thing with the treatments though is that although in theory they sound great and a nice way to treat yourself, in practice they can get really uncomfortable. When pg with dc1 my husband treated me to a facial (the local salon didn't do pregnancy massage) - the facial itself was nice, but the lying on my back for an hour was actually really uncomfortable because of the weight of the bump. I remember how uncomfortable even lying like that for a short while was (e.g. while the midwife was measuring the bump). I'm pg now with dc2, and am not looking forward to getting my hair cut, and having to lean backwards in those chairs to get my hair washed.
With regards to the clothes, I agree that there's not a lot of choice with regards to different styles of maternity clothes, but for me it's also a matter of cost. There are some lovely things out there, but they are more expensive, and I can't justify the cost for something that I'm only going to wear for a couple of months. I have got maternity clothes, but definitely from the bottom of the price-range, not necessarily what I would usually chose to wear, but comfort is definitely a priority

Chynah Mon 13-Jun-11 16:43:43

I bought good quality second hand on ebay - just a couple of pairs of jeans and work trousers and some nice tops. Saw me thrugh both (very close together) pregnancies just fine.

I did buy a lovely evening dress to but actually never wore it and it ended up going to the charity shop.

princessdave Mon 13-Jun-11 16:46:17

I haven't worn leggings since I was a little girl, am 28yo now and bought 4 pairs to wear with dresses and tunics during my pregnancy... I never wear trousers, apart from jeans at the weekend so I haven't really had to alter my style as such, just can't wear my skirts anymore. In the main I'm still in my regular size 8 dresses/tops etc as my bump is all out front (ppl keep saying that means it's a girl...we'll see!) with the odd sized-up maternity item from H&M and Dorothy Perkins thrown in. I'm 28 wks + 1 day and luckily haven't put any weight on my bum/legs (yet) but I'm keeping an eye on New Look's maternity range online as who knows what'll happen in the next 3 months! It's not necessarily to my taste but I think as long as I'm comfortable towards the end and don't have to spend too much £ to achieve that (or wear DHs t-shirts!) then fashion can go out of the window for a bit smile

issynoko Mon 13-Jun-11 16:46:46

Angel Therapy Rooms in Islington, London does a great pregnancy massage on a table with a hole for your breasts and a hole for your bump so you can lie on your front very comfortably. It's expensive though, but I was bought one as a present and had a lovely lovely hour there at 8 months. Save up if you're in London and go! Wonder why more salons don't buy tables with holes for pregnant customers. The hole can be blocked and the table used without. Any salon owners - take note!!!

issynoko Mon 13-Jun-11 16:50:07

Can anyone on here recommend some maternity jeans that actually stay up> Used to have a fantastic Noppies pair which had the trouser fabric all the way up over the bump and were SO comfy and looked great too. They lasted for 3 pregnancies. Am now pregnant again and just got some cheap ones from Asda with a jersey panel and they are crap. Don't stay up at all. Never trusted the jersey panel idea before. Are there any that actually support the bump and stay up?! Don't like under bump ones.

PhyllisDiller Mon 13-Jun-11 17:04:53

Dungarees issynoko, so wrong but so very comfortable. Would not have dreamed of them for pg1. Pg 2 tried them on but didn’t buy. Pg3 gave in and bought them when I had to run around after an 11 month old without showing my bum cleavage or worse my mummy tummy that was still there from DC2.

I’ve had to get more practical with each pregnancy, I have a lovely dress from pg1 but I can’t wear it and carry DS down the stairs without tucking it into my pants before we set off.

I felt lovely in a nice (low cut) maxi dress on Saturday until DH kindly let me know that DS was hanging onto the front of it, good job I had a decent bra on.

You can still make an effort though, but most of the really fashionable stuff I’ve worn in the past has been pretty uncomfortable, especially when it’s so hot.

daimbardiva Mon 13-Jun-11 17:06:37

I think it is important to remain stylish - or at least as stylish as you were pre-pregnancy anyway! From a self-esteem point of view I want to look good, and also show that it is possble to be fashionable/remain true to your own sense of style whilst carrying a babyb. I've found pregnancy even has advantages style-wise - e.g. I can now rock a maxi dress, when I'm not pregnant I don't have the cleavage!!

I do try and buy things that I might be able to wear when I'm not pregnant too, and it is important not to go overboard - pregnancy goes so quickly and you might find you never get round to wearing some things.

Leggings truly are your friend though - great with tunics, dresses etc. and oh, so comfy!!!

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