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how many weeks?...

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Teenytiny Mon 13-Jun-11 12:57:16

were you when you found out & when did you go to the docs to tell them??

I was about 3/4weeks with DD1, i didnt go to doctors till i was about 8 weeks cos i was terrified lol.

With DD2 i was 2/3weeks when i found out. prob about 4 weeks if you count it from first day of my last period by i count it from when i was ovulating :/
and went near enough straight away.

RugbyWidow7 Mon 13-Jun-11 13:05:26

I knew immediately but it was confirmed when skipped af at 4/5 weeks. Called the docs straight away and was told didn't really need to come in unless I wanted to - I did! Needed the reassurance, so went in the next day.

Teenytiny Mon 13-Jun-11 13:07:54

why did they say you dont need to come in unless you want to? ud have to sort your antenatal care anyways x

do you count it from the first day of your last period or when you were ovulating?? im dont know why they count it from the day of your last period if you wernt pregnant then? :/

nannyl Mon 13-Jun-11 13:21:02

i found out at 3+3

here we dont go to dr at all... straight to midwife, and i went to midwife at 1st avaliable appt at 5+3
we go to midwife to book our 9 week booking apt!

Teenytiny Mon 13-Jun-11 13:24:47

see im not sure what they do at my local health centre. ive lived here 3 years and although i have 2 kids i havnt had a baby since ive been at that practise so im not sure.

do you not go to the doc to do a test for them? and them book your scan?

when is the first app you have with your midwife? 6/8weeks?

Imnotaslimjim Mon 13-Jun-11 13:27:34

I was 9 weeks with DS before going to the dr (5 MC previously so was a bit head in the sand) seen MW a couple of weeks after that

I was only 5 weeks with DD, as I'd started to bleed, so had gone to request early scan to confirm MC - it didn't, and she's now 3!

CBear6 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:21:51

I was around 3-4 weeks each time. Here we don't get a doctors appointment, my GP doesn't even confirm it if you've gotten a positive home test because he says their test is just the same thing.

All I did was phone the GP, tell the receptionist so it could be logged on my file, and then get the number for the community midwife. Rang the MW who invited me to a group meeting that same week where they give generic info on tests, what to eat/avoid, etc. and blank copies of hospital notes. Then a 1-2-1 appointment at 10 weeks with the MW to complete hospital notes, do bloods, etc. and she booked the scan for 12 weeks.

PoppysMom Tue 14-Jun-11 05:33:19

I found out when I was 4+4 and went to the doctor after I had cramping for an early scan at 5 weeks. Next scan was at 7 weeks, as 5 weeks was too early to see anything, apart from it not being in my tubes

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