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I`m in shock, Pregnant straight after miscarriage :O!!

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HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 12:36:52

I had a miscarriage the start of may, I had a scan on the 9th that showed it was complete and i just had a few clots in the upper vigina that i was told would pass in my next period.
So fast forward to last week wednesday, I have what i thought was my AF, It was pinky/light red and clear mucus.
That night after tea i was feeling very sick and was sick as i hate the feeling of being all nauseous.
I was on and off with light bleeding for 4 days, Nothing heavy.
I was having losts of heartburn like in my last pregnancy.
Im off my food really bad and have mood swings and lots of crying for no reason, Always feeling tired.

My AF usually lasts for 6 days i was thinking this cant be right, So i went and brought some cheap pregnancy tests and also some first response tests.

As soon as i could this morning i used one of the poundland cheapys, It came up with a very faint BFP, I didnt believe it as it was a cheap test so on my next trip the the toilet i use the first response and again it was a faint but clear BFP im in shock!!

Im scared that the bleed is going to turn into another miscarriage in the next few weeks sad I was 6 weeks last time so very early into the pregnancy sad

Sorry for the long thread, Just cant tell anyone in RL not even my DP as it was hard enough the first time saying i was then no baby beans gone sad

harassedinherpants Mon 13-Jun-11 12:41:12

Did you have BFN after your mc?? In your position I'd be going to the docs and asking for an early scan or bloods to be take to check your hcg levels. But I think you really need to be scanned to check if this is a new prg or you haven't passed the last of your mc.

I'm preg straight after a mc in March, and also had a mmc at 10 wks in Jan. I've just had my 12 wk scan and all was good, so there can be good endings!

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 12:48:06

I had a BFN after the mc yes, I also had a BFN last week monday when i did a first response test so this is a new pregnancy.
Im so scared that this one will end in the same way. I will pop to the doctors a little later to get an appointment so they can test me too to put my mind at rest sad

harassedinherpants Mon 13-Jun-11 13:19:00

Good luck, will be thinking of you. Let me know how you get on x

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 13-Jun-11 13:24:01

Hope all goes well xxx

d0gFace Mon 13-Jun-11 13:26:45

I had an mc with my first pregnancy at 5 weeks, got pregnant stright away and Im now 11 weeks and having my booking appointment tomorrow.

Good luck!

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 13:27:21

Thank you both x

BikeRunSki Mon 13-Jun-11 13:27:37

Almost exactly the same thing happened to a friend of mine last year. Her DD is now 3 months old smile. Fingers crossed x x x.

meditrina Mon 13-Jun-11 13:29:56

It happened to me - and DD is now 7.

Good luck!

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 13:32:16

d0gFace thats really good to hear, I wanted to get pregnant straight away and now i am i am totally scared!!
I am thinking that the tiny mucus bleed could be my bodys way of clearing itself out ready for the new pregnancy, but this maybe wishful thinking.
The remainng clot that was left was no more then 6mm the nurse said in the EPU and that it was ok for us to try straight away as she took a wee sample straight after the scan and it came up BNF.

Its just the waiting game now xx

littlelapin Mon 13-Jun-11 13:36:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

d0gFace Mon 13-Jun-11 13:42:10

Yea we got told we could start again stright away. Wasnt really trying as it felt abit soon, but it happened anyway so was abit of a shock.

I felt alot better/less worried after getting past the previous mc time. The time really past for me once I got to 7 weeks and started feeling sick ect as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. smile

Its hard not to worry but it does get better.

SilveryMoon Mon 13-Jun-11 13:45:20

I had a mc at 6 weeks. (was my 3rd).
I went to my gp who told me there was no need to go to hospital for a scan to check it was a mc or to check that it had all passed because of my history, it probably was.
6 weeks later I was still feeling a bit odd, just not me iykwim, so I bought a test which was positive, went back to the gp who sent me for a scan the following day and I was 5+2 wks pregnant.
Ds2 is now 2.4yrs old and the pregnancy was fine.

Good luck smile

yawningbear Mon 13-Jun-11 13:45:50

Hi Happy, similiar thing happened to me, missed mc at 9 weeks, which left me devastated, then got pregnant with DD very quickly. Spent first 6 weeks of DD's pregnancy stressed out of my head as was completely convinced it would be the same, it wasn't and my gorgeous DD, who would never have been otherwise, is now 2.7 years and we also have a 4 months old DS. I know it is really, really hard but the best thing you can do is try and not stress too much, make an appointment with GP and as soon as you can go for an early scan. Take carex

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 13:47:46

We only did the deed (sorry if TMI) 3 times this last month as i have been feeling so down about our loss and also life itself had been stessful so i am in shock but trying not to get my hopes up as i cant be that far along.

I will ask the doctor for a blood test and go from there as weeing on a stick is easy but they can test levels and stuff from blood (think thats right anyway)

CBear6 Mon 13-Jun-11 14:01:01

I lost my first at 6 weeks, then got pregnant with DS and carried him to term (he's running around the floor right now!) with lots of worry and knicker-checking for the first few months. I then lost my 3rd to mmc at 15 weeks and I'm now 27 weeks with my fourth.

Happy endings do happen and a miscarriage last time doesn't increase your chances of it happening again. I know from experience how awful it is and how worrying the next pregnancy. Statistics are shitty and cold and clinical but sometimes it helps to think that even though 1 in 4 pregnancies miscarries it means 3 in 4 don't - so the odds are on your side each time.

Also bleeding doesn't always mean bad things. I bled loads with DS, the first time at 6 weeks and I was convinced I was miscarrying again, then at 10wks, 16wks, 23wks, 24wks, and 26wks and they weren't just spotting they were full on bleeds. Take things easy, try to relax, and be kind to yourself. Tell your DP, I was reluctant to tell DH each time but I'm always glad I did because he gave me loads of support and it helped to be able to share my worries and feelings

Congrats on your BFP, fingers crossed for you! smile

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 14:15:55

I think i will get this blood test out the way and then see how i feel about telling DP as i just dont want things to go wrong again sad Im so selfish i know, Just dont want to get his hopes up as i havent got mine up at all at this moment in time.

Thank you for all your kind words though it really does mean alot to me xx

KatieWatie Mon 13-Jun-11 14:54:30

Hi just to reassure you this happened to me too. MC'ed at end of November, started trying again end of December. Turns out I conceived some time around new year! Had no idea and had what I thought was a period in early Feb... I really didn't think it was possible to get pregnant so quickly but it is.

I am now 24 weeks and apart from that short bleed and some sort of implantation bleed everything has gone fiiiiiiine (touch wood).

Apparently you're more fertile straight after a MC.

Good luck!

ConfessionsOfAnAchingFanjo Mon 13-Jun-11 15:58:53

I got pregnant 3 times in 3 months laat year. Lost the first one due to a virus. The third attempt is due at the end of this week after fairly straight forward pregnancy.
Fingers crossed for you this works out for you.

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 16:09:46

I am now booked in tomorrow to see the doctor, I have my fingers crossed so tightly.

Love the positive stories give me a little hope smile xx

LizzyMathsWhizzy Mon 13-Jun-11 17:59:28

I'm also pregnant after miscarrying at about 6 weeks in February. I'm now 17 weeks, and despite me being convinced it wasn't going to work out, everything seems to be fine. The only bit of advice I will give you is to share the load with your partner. No matter what the outcome, he will be upset that you didn't feel able to share with him. Yes he will struggle, but you won't have to be on your own with your worries. My husband has been wonderful, and has done everything for me the last few months to help me stay as chilled as possible.

Good luck xxx

thighslapper Mon 13-Jun-11 18:04:37

Hi happy! Ive jsut had a + result, also very faint.

Can we hold hands together x

(ive had 5 mcs, last one 17 months ago, been ttc ever since)

Im very anxious too.

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 18:12:37

Lizzy after i have seen the doctor i will tell DP, I just want my doctor to tell me i am pregnant and also maybe some advice on maybe an early scan as i was seen by the EPU before. Maybe put my mind at rest and DP will have something to look forward to with my good news. Thank you for your kind words and im so glad about your happy pregnancy news :D

thighslapper i would love to hold your hand, We will be knicker checking everyday im sure!! So scary this is, Congratulations!! :D

jasmine51 Mon 13-Jun-11 18:13:12

Adding to all the other stories, same thing happened to me. 4mcs in total but after last one, got pg straight away, even before treatment started to remedy the issue they found so I assumed the pg was doomed. Consultant was very surprised but said very sweetly that this LO was clearly very determined and we would work together to ensure he was 'sticky'. Had big bleed for about 6 days (prob due to messed up cycle) but all remained well and I carried on with the treatment as planned.
Anyway I'm now full term 40wks with a very wiggly bump and looking forward to meeting this little chap who was so determined.

Good luck, feel free to share worries and scares - many of us have been through it and can help you through it.

Oh, and congrats! x

HappyToBeAlone Mon 13-Jun-11 19:10:46

Jasmine thank you, I just hope i get to have an early scan to set my mind at rest, Im not even sure on my dates either now, I can see why people wait a cycle as it makes it easier to date smile

I have had 2 mc`s one in 2006 and the last one last month so i am worried sad

I am going to try and not get excited till i see a scan and a healthy heartbeat pumping away (which wont be yet i know) smile xx

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