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pregnancy and medication

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WeLoveHaribo Mon 13-Jun-11 12:14:56

Hi all ive just found out im pregnant, about 7+3.

BUT ive been taking tablets for a fungal infection and now i'm worried stiff. The info states DO NOT take when pregnant. Obviuosly ive stopped now but i can't help worrying about what damage may have been done.
I'm seeing my docter later today but just wondered if anybody had any help or info or been on similar non pregnancy drugs and everything worked out fine (or not sad )

Thanks for reading xx

nannyl Mon 13-Jun-11 12:23:16

Dont worry too much

many many drugs state do not take while pg because they havent been tested on pg women (for obviouse ethical reasons)
They cant state on leaflet they are safe as they have not tested on pg women so have no firm evidence that they are, but it doesnt mean any harm will come to your baby.

There are many drugs which state do not take while pregnant, and which a pharamacist will not sell you, but which a dr can prescribe, if they feel its appropriate.
Have a chat with your Dr who will hopefully put your mind at rest, and try not to worry as worrying wont help or change anything. [needs to take own advice their i think wink ]

WeLoveHaribo Mon 13-Jun-11 12:28:32

I'm not a worrier really, but really worried about this.
Its not just the tablet info that im worried by, i had a pregnancy test every time was prescribed another batch as really not to be taken whilst pregnant.
Thanks for your reply and your right by worrying it isnt going to change anything!

Would like others who been on meds advice please too smile

ShowOfHands Mon 13-Jun-11 12:31:38

What were the drugs?

WeLoveHaribo Mon 13-Jun-11 12:36:52

Think off hand they were- Terbinafine tablets. been on them for approx 10weeks.

ShowOfHands Mon 13-Jun-11 12:59:18

"Terbinafine is considered a pregnancy Category B medication. This means that terbinafine is likely safe for use during pregnancy. However, using of the drug during pregnancy is not recommended, since the full risks are not known and the treatment of nail fungus can be postponed until after pregnancy. Be sure to discuss the possible risks with your healthcare provider before using terbinafine during pregnancy. "

Like most medications it looks like it's not actually known to be unsafe, just that it falls onto the list of 'can't test it in pregnancy'. Most drugs do tbh. I've found several references through google to people using it in pregnancy to no ill effect, no references to it adversely affecting pregnancy, assertions that it should be used in pregnancy where the benefits outweigh the risks and a study on pregnant rabbits and rats that showed no danger to the pregnancy (though I suspect you're not a rabbit or a rat).

Talk to your gp. I think it's unlikely to have caused a problem tbh. I took two drugs that aren't recommended in pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant. Was fine and the GP was unconcerned.

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