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Clothes for new baby: how many newborn and how many 0-3 months?

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Curlyems Sun 12-Jun-11 18:40:23

At 25 weeks, the baby is showing as being in the mid-range for size/weight and my consultant said that he is not expecting it to be above average size. I am worried that I won't have enough NB or too many NB sized babygros/outfits. What do others think?

Many thanks

CuppaTeaJanice Sun 12-Jun-11 18:43:19

I wouldn't bother with newborn tbh - unless you have a real tiddler 0-3 will be fine from birth, just might be a bit baggy for a couple of weeks.

Speaking as someone who was also predicted a mid-sized baby and ended up with a 10lb 4oz whopper. The newborn sized clothes never got used!!

supadupapupascupa Sun 12-Jun-11 18:43:36

I would just get a few babygros in NB (say 6) with a few cardis and hats. Everything else in a bigger size. TBH my son wasn't put into outfits until he was about 3 months old.....just didn't see the need.

Beamur Sun 12-Jun-11 18:44:48

Just have a few of both, you can shop once baby has arrived.
I had a couple of newborn babygros which barely got used as DD was also a whopper!

nannyl Sun 12-Jun-11 18:46:09

my friend just had a baby a few weeks ago (born on due date)

she had been guessed to be "normal" size all along

she was born just under 6Ib, and her weight went down to just over 5Ib

she is now 6 weeks old and has progressed from size premature to size tiny baby. Newborn still swamps her!
I vote get severak NB and several 0-3 and may be a few tiny baby as well.

I think newborn size is typically about 10ib (but depends on the shop) and tiny baby is about 7ib. (prem 5ib) with that in mind im HOPING for a 'tiny baby'!
If small they will always grow into the next size stuff so it wont be wasted.

Curlyems Sun 12-Jun-11 18:49:24

Thanks so much. It is so hard to know what to get - it is my first! - and I am really grateful for your comments.

Beamur Sun 12-Jun-11 18:51:09

They also grow out of their clothes super fast in the first year so never go mad with buying loads!

Curlyems Sun 12-Jun-11 18:53:16

Oops Beamur - I am a bit late for that piece of valuable advice. I have bought loads - just not sure if I have enough in 0-3 months and too much in NB etc... oops!

Beamur Sun 12-Jun-11 18:54:54

The clothes are so cute though!
Plus there will be days when you get through many changes...

mousesma Sun 12-Jun-11 18:58:10

My Dd was 6lb10oz at birth and was in newborn clothes until she was nearly 3 months. Her weight was predicted at somewhere between 6-7lbs so she wasn't especially tiny.

If you've got loads in newborn then I'd stop shopping for the moment and wait and see if you need more 0-3 months smile

kri5ty Mon 13-Jun-11 08:00:07

Im so greatful for this thread! i was wondering myself how many things to get!

Bartimaeus Mon 13-Jun-11 08:28:11

Good question! On the advice of my mum (grin) I got :

- 7 vests : 0 - 1 months (goes up to 4.5kg and although DH and I are both skinny, DH was born at 4kg so hopefully even if the baby is big they'll fit for a couple of weeks)
- 4 babygrows : 0 - 1 month
- 7 vests : 0 - 3 months
- 7 babygrows : 0 - 3 months
- 7 vests : 3 - 6 months

That's all for now (oh and a couple of cute cardigans / outdoor suits / socks / hats / scratch mittens...). Am not planning on buying any more clothes until after the birth.

I'm going to be in hospital at least 4 days (I live in France) and the hospital told me I need to bring 7 pyjamas, so if I count 0 - 1 and 0 - 3 months I should have enough....

I think it'll depend on whether we have a very sicky baby or not. We live in a small flat with no tumble dryer or garden so I think we need a few more clothes than other people. My mum said she used to have a 3 hour turn around from putting in the wash, to being able to put the clothes back on the baby, which is just impossible for me.

captainbarnacle Mon 13-Jun-11 08:29:58

I have about 4 newborn sleepsuits - that should fit LO in the first couple of days and I can send OH out when I know how big a baby DS3 is!

RickGhastley Mon 13-Jun-11 08:38:09

I would suggest you leave the tags in some of your NB stuff as most babys don't stay in NB for long (if at all). My 9lb 10oz DS went straight into 3m clothing! Plus you'll get so many baby clothes as presents you will need to exchange some tiny baby stuff for bigger sizes.

midori1999 Mon 13-Jun-11 09:40:15

My second son was 10lb when he was born and quite long and even he fitted in newborn for a couple of weeks.

I have got loads of 0-3 months, about 7-8 each of sleepsuits and vests for NB (up to 0lb) and then I also bought a cheap pack of 7 vests and 3 sleepsuits in Tesco ('early baby', up to 7.5lbs) as baby isn't looking too huge and I am being induced at 38 weeks. I'm just taking a few each of NB and 'early baby' to the hospital and then if I need any more, DH can bring some in.

kri5ty Mon 13-Jun-11 09:53:38

Bartimaeus thank you, and thank you to your mum! I am copying that list as we speak (or type!) I too have no dryer, so i think we may get a bit more too!

I am getting confused now as too how many short and long sleeved body suits to get, as im due to dec!

Beamur Mon 13-Jun-11 17:33:25

I liked the sleeveless vest type bodysuit the most - kept the torso nice and warm, but then you could layer up with long sleeve tops, cardis etc for warmth and also didn't get in the way of how the other clothes looked.

cowboylover Mon 13-Jun-11 17:41:42

My DD now 2 weeks old was 8lb 10oz and she is starting to get a little big for her NB stuff already but when I put her in the O-3 stuff it was baggy on her and I found her a little hard to handle (nervous 1st timer alert!)
Also she has lived in vests and sleepsuits as its so much easier and the most comfortable for her to sleep in which is most of the time! smile

cowboylover Mon 13-Jun-11 17:46:35

Sorry you asked for numbers as well; I would say a pack of 7 vest and babygrows as in weather like it has been recently DD has had both on.
I found the Asda ones wash really well and are soft fabric so you can spend your money on the nicer outfits for the next size up x

ilovemydogandMrObama Mon 13-Jun-11 17:47:35

I just don't get the point of putting anything other than sleepsuits on babies under, um, 2 years grin. I got a pack of 5 newborn sleepsuits from John Lewis, and now have 10 in 0 - 3 months. Agree with getting vests and hats.

Bartimaeus Mon 13-Jun-11 17:54:10

kri5ty My baby is due in October so I got the 0 - 1 month vests as sleeveless but all the others are long-sleeved, but we do live in a fairly chilly flat so I think my baby will need more layers...

If I were you I would get longsleeved for up to 3 months then sleeveless but it depends on how warm your house is.

Like Beamur my mum likes the sleeveless vests as it lets the baby move his/her arms easier but you can add a cardigan if cold.

Bartimaeus Mon 13-Jun-11 17:56:03

PS this makes it sound like I ask my mums loads! But it's just that I was in the UK for a week so we went baby clothes shopping together grin

PPS in fact, yes I do ask my mum for a lot of advice! wink

ohbabybaby Mon 13-Jun-11 17:59:59

Just to say, sizes are different in different places - currently only newborn babygrows from Tu (Sainsburys?) don't completely swamp my 7lb 12oz-er. And it is important not to be swamped or else they get their legs all caught up inside.

Mothercare and Next tend to be most generous. The cheapest (supermarkets) are most skimpy.

Last time I had an 8lb 12oz-er and he wore newborn size for first month or so (mind you he lost some weight at the beginning)

mouseanon Mon 13-Jun-11 18:04:13

I'd say 6 each of vests and babygrows and a couple of cardigans. DS was over 8lb when he was born but still needed newborn size for the first month. 0-3 months swamped both mine as newborns. You might need more but you can always go shopping once they have arrived. It's a good excuse to get out and it means you can choose stuff to suit the baby, and boy/girl stuff if you don't know what you're having beforehand.

mouseanon Mon 13-Jun-11 18:05:09

Oh and my favourite babygrows are the Next ones because the ends of the sleeves have built in fold over scratch mits on them.

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