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Warning TMI - possibly leaking fluid and itchy! Anyone else had this?

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NewMummy5July2011 Sun 12-Jun-11 11:17:17

I'm 37 weeks and for the past few weeks I seem to be getting what I can only describe as 'wetness.' It seems to happen after I've gone to the loo, and I stand up and I can then feel some wetness. It's not wee, that I am sure of, nor is it discharge. It's a really horrible feeling and I constantly wear liners. I've also been feeling quite itchy down below - not sure if it's a result of the leaking? Or constantly wearing liners? Defo not thrush as I've had thrush loads and this is not it. Just an annoying itchiness that comes and goes. I do get discharge as well, but it's no different than it has been for the rest of my pregnancy.

I recently had a quick scan about a week ago - was referred to the consultant for something else and they happened to have a scanner in the room - and she said amniotic fluid looked great and baby looked perfect.

Anyone else had this 'leaking' and itching? Is it normal?

Thanks for any advice!

miniwedge Sun 12-Jun-11 11:22:44

I would see the midwife/gp if I were you, if it's an infection you don't want to leave it.

stillfrazzled Sun 12-Jun-11 13:09:42

I had 'fluid' for a couple of weeks from 33 weeks on with DS2. Thought it was wee.

Realised when my waters went at 35 weeks what it had been.

DS2 is fine, so don't worry too much - but do definitely get it checked out.

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