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Third Trimester - what would you do?

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Pudding2be Sun 12-Jun-11 10:10:54

I am 28 + 5, and since about 26/27 weeks I have gone downhill. I feel completley exhausted, which I could grit my teeth and carry on until I finish in 5 weeks, but at the moment I can't concentrate on what I am doing at work, I space out, I keep going light headed and dizzy. Whenever I try and do a little bit of housework I find I have to lie down afterwards. Its now getting to the point were its getting me down. Apart from having to get out of bed (grin) I like working, and I want to hand over smoothly so I can finish without feeling guilty.

I have been to the doctors, my bp is normal, I have been checked over, baby has been checked over and appart from a slight irregular heartbeat is ok. Doc has put me on iron tablets which I have been taking for a couple of weeks now but I havent improved. I also eat quite regulary to keep my blood sugars level

I had my 28 week bloods on Wednesday and I have my check up with the midwife tomorrow.

I have been off work for about two weeks, and I thought I might have shaken it off by now. I am torn about what I should do. As I still dont feel right should I push myself and go back to work, or should I listen to my body?

I thought this part didnt start until the end of pregnancy sad

Iggly Sun 12-Jun-11 10:27:52

See what the blood results come back as - but in the meantime what's your diet like? Also I found iron tablets were pants and switched to spatone as easier on the tummy.

Speak to your employer and see if you can reduce your hours or work from home a bit?

I struggled from about 33 weeks and stopped at 36 weeks.

Pudding2be Sun 12-Jun-11 10:41:53

I think I eat quite well - weetabix with lots of milk and fruit smoothie for breakfast, yogurts and dried fruit for snacks, salads and sandwiches with either cheese, chicken or ham, and usually meat and two veg for tea, or chilli and rice etc. I sometimes have crackers or beans on toast if I'm peckish too.

Trouble with work its not the kind of job that lends itself to working from home really, I might ask to reduce my hours a bit though.

I think I have been lucky with the iron tablets, I haven't been too bad with them.

Thanks for your help Igglysmile

Iggly Sun 12-Jun-11 11:08:11

No worries. I also wondered if you might be coming down with something. Do look after yourself though!

Misty9 Sun 12-Jun-11 19:48:00

That doesn't sound fun sad Have you had results from your bloods back yet? Could be something which would show up in bloods or....could be the fact we're growing a human which is bloody hard work! I'm 28wks tomorrow and def feeling more tired/easily tired. Luckily most of my job involves sitting down, but I def feel dizzy/out of it at points during the day (altho also have sleeping disorder for which off meds currently...).

Def listen to your body. Is there a way you could have 1 day annual leave per week until mat leave starts? Don't push yourself beyond what your body is telling you is okay - as everyone keeps telling me, this is nothing compared to how I'll feel when he's here and I'm sleep deprived - so you need as much rest as poss beforehand! Your diet sounds balanced, are you eating every 2-3 hours though? Can be difficult to plan, but little and often is the mantra of pregnancy to keep blood sugar levels stable. Try to have a snack near bedtime (yoghurt, toast, something light) as otherwise our bodies are surviving on little until breakfast/lunch the next day.

Hope you feel better soon, and take as much time as you need to get back on your feet smile x

Coppernoddle Sun 12-Jun-11 19:59:59

Between 28 and 32 weeks your blood almost doubles! putting massive strains on your body and your heart. Most women in pregnancy and most without even realizes have card problems just due to the amount of blood it has to pump round your body causing irregular heart beats. I was in a&e last week due to heart racing and irregular heartbeat for 8 hrs! It was exhausting!! But everything ok. You'd of produced a load of hormones too which makes you almost feel like the beginning again sad you could also have a bit of a underlying virus, see what your bloods come back as and I would think about reducing your hours or something! Definitely listen to your body, that's why it does the things it does, to slow us down! Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, put your feet up and have a brew

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