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Baby bouncing on cervix!

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blackchloe Sat 11-Jun-11 20:50:02

I am 38 weeks now and am finding walking anywhere now a complete nightmare. Baby keeps bouncing on my cervix which feels like a stabbing pain in vagina. I have ahd this for a few weeks but its getting worse. Am walking like an old lady . School run is becoming increasingly difficult as I keep yelping in pain every time she bounces.Midwife says she is engaged so am figuring that she is just trying to find her way out! Anyone else have this? Its all new territory for me as I had DD1 at 34 weeks.

orangehead Sat 11-Jun-11 20:57:19

Yes had that too. Felt I had to cross my legs as he may fall out. Obviously knew he wouldnt but felt like it

Nowtspecial Sat 11-Jun-11 23:36:59

Me too, didn't have this with my first and at 36 weeks now and keep flinching like some kind of big wuss, takes my breath away.

reenzeen Mon 13-Jun-11 13:05:57

Yeah I get this too, im 37+3 and baby has been engaged a few wks now- im hoping it means the LO is mad looking out and I won't go overdue! wishful thinking im sure!

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