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Ouchie, underwire issues

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CBear6 Sat 11-Jun-11 19:26:01

The underwire on my bra has rubbed the underside of my left boob red raw, oddly the right one is fine. I've invested in a few non-wired bras now (recommend it, much more comfortable!) which I had to do at roughly this point when I was pregnant with DS too.

My poor left under-boob though is raw and chaffed and stinging sad

Anyone got any suggestions of what I could put on it or use to soothe it? Have got a big pot of Sudocrem and thinking of slapping some on!

blackchloe Sat 11-Jun-11 19:31:17

Savoy cabbage leaves? x

chorltonandthewheelies Sat 11-Jun-11 19:48:09

Sudocrem works, had the same issue!

CBear6 Sat 11-Jun-11 19:57:28

Good to know! Planning to go topless tomorrow when DH takes DS out for the morning, let the air at it, so no doubt the entire world will decide to visit me.

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