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Gestational diabetes - anyone else feel sick during the glucose test?

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Bartimaeus Fri 10-Jun-11 13:04:25

I had my glucose test this morning (having blood taken, drinking a large glass of sugared water, waiting an hour then having blood taken) and it was horrible sad.

Felt sick whilst drinking it (I couldn't actually finish the last bit) and then felt really rough during the wait. After my blood was taken I went to work and then promptly threw up loads blush

I decided then and there never to do this test ever again, and to refuse it in subsequent pregnancies. I then googled the effects of gestational diabetes and realised that it's actually quite serious.

During my googling I discovered that a symptom is feeling sick during the my question is - did anyone else feel sick during the test? And do you have gestational diabetes?

I find out my results next Thursday which seems ages away!

ILoveDrKarl Fri 10-Jun-11 13:18:41

I don't know anyone who has had a glucose test who hasn't felt sick! It's vile! I had to have one in my 2nd precnancy because my blood-sugar levels were elevated in 1 set of tests. MW wasn't worried just said I'd probably eaten something sugary beforehand, but they had to check to make sure. Right enough I'd had a big bowl of lemon sorbet with chocolate flake and a can of coke about an hour before my appointment! (pregnancy cravings - honestly!) I didn't have GD - just a sweet tooth at the wrong time, but I can assure you that I felt unbelievably ill during the whole testing process! I know quite a few people who've had the test for various reasons (including people who've had the same test without being pregnant, and a friend who lives in Oz where it is a standard test for everyone) and they have ALL felt ill!

ToriaPumpkin Fri 10-Jun-11 13:18:46

I felt awful. But I think that was just being forced to drink Lucozade, which I hate at the best of times, at a time when fizzy drinks gave me heartburn which made me feel like shit, on an empty stomach at a time when I was absolutely starving all the time.

I got my results that afternoon so you have my sympathies for having to wait! But if it makes you feel better mine came back completely normal and once I'd eaten I felt a hundred times better.

One piece of advice, step away from Google, it's not your friend in pregnancy at the best of times and will worry you more than reassure you. Also, even if you do have GD then it's easily managed and the friends of mine that have had it have only had one side effect, bigger than expected babies!

midori1999 Fri 10-Jun-11 13:27:25

I have GD and didn't feel sick at all during the test. I also had the GTT in a previous pregnancy when I didn't have GD and didn't feel sick then either.

I was borderline at the GTT, my results were only just above the acceptable ranges. However, since then and as the pregnancy has gone on it has got much worse and I am on quite large amounts of insulin four times daily now. (most people do manage to diet control their GD though)

You're right, GD can be very risky, both for the Mum and the baby. In most cases the biggest risk is a large baby and most women with GD get along just fine and their babies are fine. It is one of the biggest causes of late term still birth though and for that reason it's really important to know if you have it and they will keep a very close eye on you, especially at the end.

fizzgig86 Fri 10-Jun-11 13:39:58

I actually have diabetes, so i can tell you how difficult a pregnancy actually is. I've lost 4, not that I think its due to my diabetes, but at 8 weeks i have already been put on one dose of insulin a day. its not that bad to deal with. its the blood sugar issue, checking it 7 times a day etc.

always get tested for GD, my mum had it with my brother and now she's type 2 diabetic because of it. Unfortunatly mine runs in the family, both my grandparents on my dads side and my dad, now my mum. But my baby has an 80% chance of not having anything wrong, other than being a little bigger than the average size baby, because i am doing my best for it now.

Don't worry about the sickness, just be glad you don't have it!

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