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Glasgow mums....some questions please.

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Teenytiny Thu 09-Jun-11 22:39:49

need to know a few things, if you can help that would be great.

How many weeks were you when you went to the doctors to tell them you were/are pregnant and to book your antenatal care?

how long did you wait for you scan date and how long in advance from getting the date was your scan?

which hospital did you go to?

how many scans did you get?

how flexable are they with dads/your other children?

what was your experiece of the hospital/staff during pregnancy/birth/labour and afterwords?

CMD83 Fri 10-Jun-11 08:31:25

Hi Teeny,
With my first preg I went to the queen mums. This time I am booked at the southern (spelling?) Last time my booking visit was done at 8 weeks in my house and only one scan at 12 weeks at my local health center, this time almost 5yrs later my booking in is alongside my 12 wk scan, I will also get a 20wk scan. staff were lovely at QM's. I have been to the EPU at the southern for miscarriage last year and some bleeding with current preg, again staff were brill. Sorry can't help further, congrats on your pregnancy.

Teenytiny Fri 10-Jun-11 09:34:15

Im not pregnant at the moment, were gona try in a few months x

GroovyRach Mon 13-Jun-11 13:44:21

i visited doctor a few weeks after i found out i was pregnant, think around 5 - 6 weeks. had to chase up my first scan/booking in app. thought id been forgotten about! got date through and it wasent until i was 15+3 days. i had expected it to be around 12 wks but midwife i spoke to had said that there had been a babyboom so far this year so was having a knock on effect on apps! i was already booked to go on holiday for a week when i was 13 wks so i paid for a private scan at just over 9 wks, just for reasurance myself for travelling and telling family.

i had booking app/scan at my local health centre which was great, so much easier than having to go to southern for every visit. was there for just over an hour.

had my 20 week scan at southern, i got to book my app while at my booking app. this was great as i could say when was best for me with work. i was there again for around 40 mins.

had my second midwife visit last week (im just over 24 wks now), again this was done at my local health centre. was just to check blood pressure, baby heartbeat etc.

i had to visit hospital a few nights ago. hadnt felt baby move through the day. phoned midwife at hospital who was great and told me to go up if i was worried. they listened to heartbeat and checked my blood pressure. was very happy and glad i went. wouldve spent rest of night worrying!

i have next app at hospital in about 4 weeks. my blood is negative so im off to be given an injection of antibodies. not looking forward to this!

then i have an app for another scan start of aug as my placenta is low laying (this was noted at 20 weeks scan). hopfully its moved, if not im told plans will be put in place for a section.

few other midwife app's between then and my due date of start of october.

hope this has been a bit of a help and good luck with your pregnancy!

ben5 Mon 13-Jun-11 13:48:53

ds1 wasn't planned for so went to drs when i was about 10 weeks. they scanned me around 17 weeks( I wanted to wait for dh to get back from sea). MV and health vistor were great. ds1 was born at queen mums. fantastic service.
fell with ds2 in scotland and they did a 12 week scan. would of gone back to queen mums but moved to plymouth. deivery suite at queen mums was small compaired to plymouth but treatment was the same

sunface Mon 13-Jun-11 15:18:50

oo groovyrach we are very similar dates, wonder if our paths have crossed at the southern! I had 12 week scan and 1st midwife appointment at the new victoria infirmary as i'm in the southside glasgow, then 20 week scan at the Southern with no midwife appointment inbetween, just had my midwife appointment back at the Viccie last week and won't be seen again (all going well) until mid-July for a check up.. all very hands off if all goes well it seems......

GroovyRach Mon 13-Jun-11 15:56:50

oh that would be funny! the southern is like a building site at the mo, but maternity unit looks very nice/clean etc. girl went in infront of me the other night, full blown labour. got me very scared! lol. not quite ready to experience that yet!

sunface Mon 13-Jun-11 16:37:57

yeah it does, i had my other 2DC at the southern and it was great, the staff were fantastic too. Heard the maternity suites are all modernised now complete with ipod docking stations!! but the labour wards are the same as before.. not too bad, but very hot and you have the lovely smell of the sewage works wafting in when you open the window!
Girl was in labour at my last appointment at the victoria, poor thing looked ashen......

Teenytiny Mon 13-Jun-11 17:24:45

Ive herd a lot of bad reviews about the southern, well more the wards after you have the baby. think i might go to the rah.not preg yet

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