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Cots vs Moses baskets

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Emel80 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:01:22

Just wondering whether people recommend Moses baskets or not? Anyone going straight to the cot?

cat64 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:05:48

Message withdrawn

Clarabumps Thu 09-Jun-11 20:10:06

my two were both in the cot from day one. My first child was in my room in his cot for naps and sleeping etc, then with my second child i used the moses basket in the living room for just lying down and having a kick but he never settled in the moses basket. I just felt that they always settled better in their cot, plus with the extra expense of buying a moses basket or at least a new mattress for one I didnt think it was worth it. They know that when they're in their bed its sleep time from day one. Of course its entirely up to you but thats just my opinion. x

Cattleprod Thu 09-Jun-11 20:15:45

Cot from day 1. It's a bit of a silly reason though to be honest blush. I just couldn't stand all the frilly broderie anglaise frippiness and wickery nastiness that all moses baskets seem to have. They make me feel a bit nauseous and I didn't want to give one houseroom.

We did have a carrycot attachment as part of our travel system which we used if a non-cot bed was needed at any time.

nicolamumof3 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:29:07

I agree with clara, if you can fit it in your room, then its sensible to go straight to cot. We had a crib with our last two and as soon as they were out of that they slept so much better in full sized cot. I think moses baskets and cribs waste of money they aren't cheap and then with the bedding normally over £100. I prefer mine upstairs for naps early on. But then i am now expecting dc4 so our house bit more busy than some.

cowboylover Thu 09-Jun-11 20:42:46

We bought a crib for our bedroom and given a basket which we where planning on keeping downstairs but my DD now 12 days will not settle in the crib so we are carrying the basket upstairs.
I think she likes so feeling of security of it as settles best with the hood up.

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