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Withdrawl bleed lasted only 1 day. Will i still have ovulated?

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shellmc Thu 09-Jun-11 18:03:20

I came off the cerazette pill on the 11th May and had a bleed (which i think would have been a withdrawl bleed) on the 13th May lasting only that day.
Does anyone know if i will have ovulated last month or do you have to have a proper period to ovulate??


DaisySteiner Thu 09-Jun-11 18:06:04

No, you don't need to have a proper period in order to ovulate - ovulation is what stimulates a 'proper' period. As to whether you ovulated last month - impossible to say I'm afraid.

shellmc Thu 09-Jun-11 18:21:42

Thankyou DaisySteiner, just wasnt sure if you can class a 1 da withdrawl bleed as a last period.

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