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Heartbeat sacred!

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mamamarina Thu 09-Jun-11 17:19:32

So ever since my last pregnancy..i keep worring about this one...if he's not moving..he's heartbeat is too slow (could be sleeping...i know) i'm just scared...and it's not helping him,myself or my husband..i keep searching for movment and heartbeat..even got my babys beat app just to have one more doppler...or fetal monitor close by...with the app i don't have to be home to he hear his the other day at mi moms..

am i mad?????

Isthreetoomany Thu 09-Jun-11 21:49:22

I think everyone worries a bit about this, but try not to be too anxious as (as you say) it is not going to help you or the baby to be too stressed.
How many weeks are you?

I don't have one of those heartbeat monitor things as I think I would become a bit obsessive and probably crack up whenever it was hard to find a heartbeat due to the baby being in a difficult position. I understand as I think I would be exactly the same if I had access to a monitor at home.

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