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Stitch type Pain

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Renaissance227 Thu 09-Jun-11 10:31:20

I've suddenly developed a horrible feeling like bad stitch, but at the bottom edge of my bump from one side to the other. It only comes on when I walk and gets gradually worse until I have to stop. When I am sat it turns into a dull ache. (Only 20week+4)
Has anyone had this? Does anyone know what it is? confused

doireallywant3 Thu 09-Jun-11 10:46:29

I had this frequently while pregnant... sometimes when walking and sometims when driving. I could last 5-10 mins or so sometimes and would be so painful i would have to stop walking or wait for it to pass before getting out of the car, but it would then just go away. I put it down to trapped wind sometimes and also thought it could be my muscles/tendons etc stretching. To be honest, I didn't worry too much and decided it was all part of the general pregnancy twinges you get. I've had my baby now and had no problems at all (thankfully). I would mention it to your MW if you are worried though... it's probably nothing but would put your mind at rest.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope it all goes well

catrionapatel Thu 09-Jun-11 11:02:49

Hi, I am 20 +6 and have been getting this for the last week and had it in my last pregnancy. I am pretty sure it is ligament stretching pain but it can be really painful. Sitting down is the only thing I have found that settles it.

In the last pregnancy it came and went on and off until the end unfortunately.

Renaissance227 Thu 09-Jun-11 11:09:08

Thank you for the advice. Feel much better about it. Will just grin and bare it! smile

princessdave Thu 09-Jun-11 11:09:54

I've experienced what I've also been calling a stitch type pain, at the bottom of my bump on the right hand side, when I've been running. Am 27wks +4 and still running 3 miles at a time, 3 times a week. I asked around on the Fetcheveryone and Runners World pregnancy forums and it seemed fairly common, associated with activity and more than likely down to ligmaments etc stretching to accomodate the growing baby.

I only get it when I run and I've been doing a fair bit of walking just to keep active. I've mentioned it to the health visitor and the MW and they didn't seem concerned. Am now using a bump band tucked into my running bottoms and held in place with a very thick cotton vest for extra support and voila - the pain stopped!

You may just require some extra support when you are walking but there's no harm mentioning it to your MW as well for piece of mind. Good luck! smile

Renaissance227 Thu 09-Jun-11 11:14:44

Thank you * princessdave* smile

Capiche Thu 09-Jun-11 11:19:14

I had to reply to you!! I had this at exactly the same time as you in my last pregnancy ! It wA awful and I posted on here as I had had a few pregnancies and not experienced it. It passes though within a couple of weeks it had totally gone. Like ypu I was worried though and it hurt. Try to chill, I think I used a hot water bottle . Hope that helps x

Fandangos Thu 09-Jun-11 11:25:11

I had this too, It started around 25 weeks and I would feel a stitch-like pain which was really sore to touch too, as if I'd bashed myself without knowing. But it only came up when walking and eventually I decided it must have been to do with the fact that I got big really quickly at that stage, I'm pregnant with twins and everything ached for a while, pelvis, all of my spine, my bump ached too, as if my body couldn't keep up with the sudden growth.

Now I'm 31 weeks and it's totally gone, along with a lot of the other aches, which I'm really chuffed about!

Hopefully it'll be the same for you; your body might just need to get to grips with the extra weight and growth of baby. Good luck x

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