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Anyone tested +ve for Group B Strep earlier in PG then -ve at 35-37 weeks?

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Tamashii Wed 08-Jun-11 17:02:35

I'm 24 weeks PG. I had some bleeding and ended up in maternity assessment getting various tests and a scan. As a result I have just been notified that I am once again Group B Strep +ve and will have to go and get a round of antibiotics from the GP.

With my 1st PG I tested +ve later (prob around 34 weeks) and was told I would need IV antibiotics 4 hrs before giving birth then we would be kept in for 3 days observation which is exactly what happened.

This time however, I was told that in the hospital I am booked into they no longer routinely give IV antibiotics during labour and I would not be tested for GBS at all. I am now worried that I have tested positive and will go into labour, have the baby (fingers crossed all goes well) and be sent home only to worry for the next days/weeks/months about the baby's well being in case of GBS infection...

Anyway, I am still going to follow the advice I got regarding natural attempts at killing off Group B Strep and get tested privately at 37 weeks to see if I am still GBS pos as well as taking the anitibiotics I am given. I am just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and if anyone has been through this but then tested -ve just before birth?

Thanks so much in advance for any help with this. I am freaking out a bit. How horrible does it feel to be told "You have this but we won't be doing anything else about it"?!? Maybe the antibiotics (penicillin I think) are enough to kill it off but I am not sure they are going to test me again later and if they did would they then have to treat me since they found I am +ve?

Sorry for the loooooooooong post... I'm just a bit confused now

Tamashii Wed 08-Jun-11 20:07:22


moregranny Wed 08-Jun-11 20:40:30

I think you are doing the right thing getting a private test at 35 weeks, they will have to treat you in labour if you are positive.

Tamashii Thu 09-Jun-11 08:52:11

Thanks for the reply. I don't think it's very common for them to actually treat GBS during PG is it? I mean, the ab's will just end up killing off ALL the bacteria surely giving the GBS an even better chance to recolonize before birth? Anyway, I'll just go ahead as I was going to previously n get myself tested again privately later.

Thanks smile I hate having this.

PinkFondantFancy Thu 09-Jun-11 09:24:29

Hi, I'm worried about this too because I had a MC last year where they found I had Group B strep but have been told it comes and goes so there's a chance I won't have it by the time I deliver (I'm 24 weeks as well by the way!). Out of interest, what are the natural ways you've been told that work to get rid of it?

magentastardust Thu 09-Jun-11 10:58:47

I tested positive around 23 week mark , had a private test at 35 weeks and was negative so didn't get anti biotics during labour just kept in for 24 hours for baby to be observed just to be on safe side.
If you test positive again at 35 weeks plus you will need to get anti biotics during labour.

Tamashii Thu 09-Jun-11 14:13:36

Thanks for further replies. I was worried I wouldn't get any as I know it's one of those subjects.

PinkFondantFancy the natural ways of treating it haven't been medically researched or approved and some involve taking supplements that aren't usually recommended during pregnancy so I don't want to mention them on here but if you google natural prevention of group b strep I am sure you will find what I am talking about.... The specific methods I have been told about involve putting garlic cloves in some dodgy places and encouraging the "good" bacteria to thrive cutting out sugar/yeast etc. I am not sure about the garlic thing but I may be so terrified of trying to prevent GBS that I will try anything in a few weeks. I am just going for the promoting good bacteria side of things for now but then I will prob kill them all off if I take these antibiotics I am given... [Confused]

Sigh. I am really hoping either I test -ve at 35 weeks or they give me the IV ab's again. I also had an early MC last year and this is basically our last chance so I have worried all the way through the first 12 weeks and now am worried about them having stopped treating GBS during labour. It's just too much to worry about and I am really making myself quite anxious with it all.

Thanks again for the responses. Really appreciated.

magentastardust thanks - that is basically what I was hoping to hear from someone who has been here before and then tested -ve later. I have been told it's only really an issue if there is enough Group B Strep at the time of labour although I have no idea what is true anymore.

magentastardust Thu 09-Jun-11 17:42:20

I'm sure I read that 97 percent of people who tested negative at 35 weeks were still negative at 40-41 weeks when in labour. Which is why they recommend around the 35 week Mark-any earlier you could be positive again by time you go into labour and waiting much later to test means there is a chance that you could go into labour without having had your results back. You should contact the strep b org -they have webpage too an sure they would be able to help. Try not to panic too much the fact you are aware of it is a good thing and means you can take preventative action.

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