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Reassurance, baby's growth may be slowing

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otchayaniye Wed 08-Jun-11 14:06:55

Hello. I had my first daughter abroad and had weekly scans which picked up sudden and late onset preeclampsia and she was born at 36 weeks (5lbs, bit of jaundice, fed fine though)

This pregnancy I am in the UK (Kings College London, and can't so far fault their care) and am under a consultant to check for preeclampsia issues with this one.

So far so good and my blood pressure is actually low, although I had a 25-30 pct risk of reoccurrence (or in the words of the doctor, a 'small, sick baby'). Had a growth scan at 28 weeks (am 29 weeks now) and baby had dropped from 50th centile to about the 20th I guess. I'm booked in for another scan in over a week to see if blood flows have changed (they are fine right now) and the growth has dropped further.

Doctor told me not to worry now (yeah, right...) and wouldn't be drawn into scenarios. But she made it sound like this is the start of placental degradation and I'm now worrying (not 'freaking' but 'worrying') that I'll have to deliver in a few weeks and have a baby in special care, with all the attendant feeding issues (I am a lousy expresser, although I am still feeding my 2-1/2 year old daughter and there is colustrum in now (supply had dwindled to nothing)

Can anyone share their experiences or hold my hand? I

knackered76 Wed 08-Jun-11 19:41:39

Sorry no experience to share but wanted to send you virtual support at this stressful time. I've not had a baby in scbu but have heard many wonderful things about how supportive it is, etc. I hope the scan goes well next week and you get to have a few more answers.

gapants Wed 08-Jun-11 19:48:23

I am almost in your position, 1st baby was born at 41 weeks, and was 5 Lbs, the were concerned about a poorly functioning placenta but it was never fully determined if that was the case. My Ds spent only 6 days in SCIBU, and I stayed in the hospital. The Maternity nurses, and care assistants were AMAZING and helped me establish BF, let me hold my DS anytime, had a chair with a foot rest and blanket for me next to his hot box.

I am 5m pregnant now, and have a scan at 20 wks, one at 25, one at 30, 32,34 and so on. Th consultant is not sure what will be the outcome as it is too early to tell, but on our conversations he has been talking about a delivery at 36/7 weeks if we must.

Sorry not much information for you, but my experience of SCIBU was fantastic and the hospital could not have done more. DS is a healthy little boy, hit all his mile stones early so far.

Good Luck

otchayaniye Wed 08-Jun-11 21:42:56

Thanks, I'll let you know how I get on. If I can double her weight and keep her in until 36 weeks I'll be very happy.

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