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38 +2 - Baby now possibly breech

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PinkWidget Wed 08-Jun-11 12:27:54

Just really looking for other peoples experiences.

Had my final GP appointment this morning. Am really pleased as everything is absolutely fine with both me and baby which of course is the main thing smile

When it came to checking the position of the baby, she had a feel but said she couldn't tell which didn't concern me as she has never been able to tell, only ever the MW's have been able to tell. So she checked the heart beat which was lovely and strong, however she said was quite high up and said that the baby is now possibly breech but the only way to confirm is by a scan which she was going to arrange asap because obviously, not much longer to go!

Now ever since my 20 wk scan, baby has been head down. At my last MW appointment 2 weeks ago i was told baby was 3-4/5th palpable (engaged?). I haven't changed shape and it still feels like baby is kicking in the usual place, ie. in my ribs. So this makes me think that baby is still head down. The only thing that makes me think maybe the baby has turned is that on Monday evening i had, what i thought at the time, was a slightly stronger Braxton Hicks contraction, now thinking it could possibly have been the baby somersaulting?!?

GP said i should hear by Friday about the scan. If the baby is breech i will then go to a special clinic to see about the possibility of trying to turn the baby. If not, c-section it will be for me!

I'm determined to stay positive, at the end of the day, we won't know until we have the scan what we are dealing with and at the end of the day we have a healthy baby coming our way.

Can't help but feel a little bit disappointed though sad

Thank you for listening to my ramblings if you've got this far smile

girlfromdownsouth Wed 08-Jun-11 12:38:23

Oh honey don't worry. My DS was confirmed as breech at my 38wk midwife appointment when she felt and said "that feels too bony to be a bum up here". Had scan which confirmed it. Was very worrying because I was booked in for a home birth!! The doctor on duty the next day managed to successfully turn him around (using external manipulation - uncomfortable but not particularly painful) and my husband did some reflexology on my toes as advised by my Shiatsu Practitioner to try and ensure he didn't turn around again. 48hrs later I had my normal home birth.

Do stay positive - it's the best thing for you to do but in the meantime crawl around on all fours (not joking) don't sit back in chairs, try and sit as forward as you can, leaning forwards. Do you have a big bouncy yoga ball to sit on? If so - do it! You can also try reflexology with someone trained in pg treatment.

I know it is disappointing and a bit frightening but most babies are sucessfully turned around. And also bear in mind that your GP may be wrong - especially as the midwife said baby head was engaged. She is the professional.

My DC3 is currently breech at 35wks and I am not at all worried about it at the mo...

PinkWidget Wed 08-Jun-11 14:23:53

Thank you girlfromdownsouth, that is very reasurring smile Trying to stay as possitive as possible, just keep telling myself that she has always been completely useless and telling which way the baby is and has never comitted either way, always left it to the MW!! lol

I know your not worried at the mo but will send positive vibes your way smile

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