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Confused-Withdrawl method. Could i Be Pregnant??

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shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 12:23:26

Hiya, im not sure where i am with my periods at the moment as i have always had irregular bleeding since having my DS. I was on the cerazette pill and after going to GP, i am now off the pill to see if the irregular bleeding would settle. I came off the pill on the 11th May and had 1 day of bleeding on the 13th i think this was probably withdrawl bleed ??
Me and DH have been having regular sex since then using the pull out method, (i recently posted on here as i had heard you can still get pregnant this way).
My irregular bleeding has totally stopped which im happy about as i was bleeding every 3-4 days then it would stop then again 2 days later and soo on.
Anyhow since last week i have had cramping pains low down and some white discharge, i was sick the other day twice but nothing since which could have been a stomach bug. Last week had headaches for 2 days running but now feel fine, apart from the odd niggle pain, dont hurt but im aware of them.
I dont know what to think as i dont know if iv ovulated since stopping the pill and dont know when my last proper period was as iv had bleeding on and off for months!! How would i work out if i have a missed period??? Could the last day of bleeding on the 13th be classed as my last period or not??
Someone please share your thoughts to try and halp me.


QueenofDreams Wed 08-Jun-11 12:26:13

short answer is yes. you could be. withdrawal is not an effective contraception. the official name for people relying on withdrawal is parents!

what you need to do is a pregnancy test.

JenniL1977 Wed 08-Jun-11 12:28:11

The only way to know if you're pregnant is to do a test.
If you are, then, well, you know what's going to happen.
If you're not, then if you don't want another baby just now, you need to get some proper contraception sorted. A chat with your doctor, who you need to talk to about your irregular cycles anyway, will sort that out.
I really don't want to be sarcastic wth you, so I'll be straight. NO, WITHDRAWAL IS NOT EFFECTIVE CONTRACEPTION!

silverangel Wed 08-Jun-11 12:29:24

Yep, you could be, sure I read somewhere failure rate is around 25% for withdrawl method - time to test I think!

Xiaoxiong Wed 08-Jun-11 12:30:45

POAS post haste. That's the only way to know for sure. I came off the pill, didn't even have a period and no symptoms - only when I did a pregnancy test did I find out I was pregnant.

Also, Queen is right - calling it a "method" makes it appear that pulling out is a "method" of contraception. It's not, as many Catholics (including my mum, my grandma and probably every female relative on my maternal side!) will tell you.

Ernie1 Wed 08-Jun-11 12:43:35

While you are at the chemist getting a test why don't you pick up some condoms? They are an effective contaception method if you want to avoid anything hormonal.

porpentine Wed 08-Jun-11 13:53:49

Actually, depending on how controlled you are, withdrawal is considered to be about 73-96% effective.

Having said that, it totally failed to work for me and I am now 16 weeks pregnant! I concur with the others - you need to test.

nunnie Wed 08-Jun-11 14:21:25

Simple answer yes you could well be.
We used a condom for the one and only bed bouncing we did after DS arrived and I am currently 25 weeks pregnant shock

When this one comes, I know the only definate way to avoid getting pregnant is to avoid bedroom bouncing full stop.

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 16:36:26

Hi again,

I have done a home pregnancy test and it was Negative.
JenniL1977 I have been back and forth from my GP's having tests and scan done to try to find out why i was having irregular bleeding, i have an underactive thyroid which i was diagnosed with before i fell pregnant with my DS 2 years ago. They thought it could be that, that was causing it. My levels were fine and im taking the correct dose. Iv had a scan-no signs of cysts, fibroids, edometreosis ect which im thankful of smile.
I do have a small ectropian on my cervix which my doctor thinks thats what could have been causing the irregular bleeding and so was going to refer me to a gynaecologist if stopping the pill didnt help.
I went to the doctors on the morning of me stopping my cerazette pill to get the pill injection to see if it made a difference but couldnt get the injection as i wasnt on my cycle. YOu have to be on (day 1-5). I then bled 2 days later and rang back up to see if i could get in to see the nurse, doctor rang me back and said its likley to be a withdrawl bleed and i should wait for a proper period.

I have been waiting since then, i know we should have been using extra protection to avoid pregnancy and we really didnt realise you could still become pregnant this way. ( DUMB ) as some may think.
Soo i have discussed about further contraception- i dont want to come across as OMG what if im pregnant, me and DH now know there is a chance and we are happy that i may be. I personally, are confused as i dont know where i am with my cycles ect.

Thankyou all.

buttonmoon78 Wed 08-Jun-11 16:36:57

Sorry but PMSL (not that it takes a lot at 33wks with #4!) at Nunnie and QueenofDreams!

Ahem. As you were.

Yes. You could be and may well be pg. Off you pop to a pharmacy and pick up a test and some condoms.

buttonmoon78 Wed 08-Jun-11 16:38:15

Apologies. X post. Still laughing though!

I hope you get your cycles sorted soon Shell. It's rubbish when you can't rely on anything happening or not.

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 16:41:34

I have done a test buttonmoon78 it was negative.

ShazGJ Wed 08-Jun-11 17:37:20

Shell - I was on cerrazette for about 6 months a couple of years ago. I didn't like it as it made my moods very neutral so I didn't feel womanly. I came off it in February and my periods didn't restart until June when I bled heavily for about 3 weeks. It may take time for your natural cycle to come back.

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 19:01:47

Aww thanku ShazGJ nice to hear. xx

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