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Argh maternity jeans for low, all out in front bumps

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Poppet45 Wed 08-Jun-11 11:53:46

So I'm pregnant with DC2 and due in November, but have been in my mat jeans for ages because DS1 wrecked my tummy muscles so popped about the time the test dried blush.
However I noticed on a couple of recent car journeys I was having to hold the bottom band of my maternity jeans away from my bump or they dug in painfully. And this happened with DS to such a degree that by month 7 I had to ditch my maternity jeans altogether and live in slobby trackie bottoms. I'm a fairly slim build (size 12) and don't tend to put any weight on when pregnant apart from my bump. The problem is my bump last time was huge (DS was a 9lb 6 oz monster and over 55cms tall!!) and very low and all out front - ie a classic boy shape. And this one seems to be low too. Does anyone have any suggestions for maternity jean brands that worked well for them when they were carrying huge and low? I'm in Mothercare over the bump at the mo but willing to search and eBay almost anything as I live in jeans. Thanks for reading.

nunnie Wed 08-Jun-11 11:59:58

I got a pair which I love from funmum they are over the bump but also have waist adjusters .

With DS I like the under the bump with waist adjusters from next, but this time they don't seem to sit as nice as bump is lower.

nunnie Wed 08-Jun-11 12:03:07

These ones, but mine are black, I am a slim 12 and M was ok for me.

Poppet45 Wed 08-Jun-11 12:06:55

They look great thanks!!

girlfromdownsouth Wed 08-Jun-11 12:41:15

Poppet I am very low and all out in front and despite preferring below the bump jeans (find the others sooo frumpy) they are just not comfortable!! I have a couple of pairs of over the bump jeans from Dorothy Perkins (weren't expensive) and they are much more comfortable.

ct148 Wed 08-Jun-11 12:57:40

I've recently bought some skinny jeans from New Look (think they were £22 or thereabouts) and they are really low, and very comfortable - like you I live in jeans. Would recommend you try those!

Poppet45 Wed 08-Jun-11 12:59:57

Lots of suggestions, fantastic! <<brandishes credit card>>

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Jun-11 13:03:00

No clue about maternity clothes. I lived in dresses when pregnant so as not to deal with the problem of trousers.

Just wondered how you are? Are you feeling positive? Happy with your care?

Poppet45 Wed 08-Jun-11 13:20:46

Oooh hello hello!
I'm okay. At the moment just seen midwives who've been lovely, but do have the full on meeting with the consultant at the end of the month after my 20 week scan that I'm starting to get a little jittery about. I'm definitely veering towards hoping for a VBAC without CFM, using TENs and hopefully the pool for labour if not the birth. I've also got to work out how and when I'm consult to ARM so I don't end up being chased around the room again by a cow of a midwife armed with a crochet hook with me pleading with her that I don't consent and being ignored. Then after delivery I'm quite happy to be wheeled into the consultant unit so they can give me all the drugs they want to stop another haemmorrhage as that's the bit that really screwed me up mentally. But then a lovely friend of mine has just lost one twin at 28 weeks pregnant, and I feel very selfish and birth touristy about it all. MW fine with all of my birth plan thoughts and told me to write 'Previous birth trauma' in large caps on my birth plan and insist people read it, but said that the consultant will try to push for consultant led birth, even though the midwife led unit is over the corridor, continuous monitoring and mucho interventions. Am also resigning myself to the fact that if I go over, or things go awry during labour all bets are off. Also having a few relatives suggesting skipping straight to a section with gory stories of VBACs resulting in horrid undercarriage damage. So a mied bag really.
How are things going with you?

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Jun-11 13:38:56

Oh relatives like to do that. Have an elcs or your innards will be outtards and you'll wee through your belly button for life. That sort of thing.

You might be pleasantly surprised by what your individual consultant thinks. I've found that a lot of them have different opinions and thresholds of what constitutes consultant-led care and the choices around it. The 'best' one at our local hospital is pro-waterbirth for vbacs, pro-doppler use and pro-upright and active as much as possible. He's also a birth trauma specialist, which helps. Direct questions are good. Say to them 'what would you do in x scenario' to get an idea of how they like to manage things.

I've seen a leaflet recently (when visiting the hospital with my Mum oddly) for antenatal hypnotherapy that is aimed at VBACers or those with birth trauma. I'd make sure you're aware of everything that's available at your hospital just in case there's anything that helps.

It's weird isn't it, having to make all these decisions, knowing you're doing it to try and prevent a repeat of last time but also knowing you have frig all control over any of it? And you keep thinking what if I make the wrong decision (not really possible, but that's how your brain spins it afterwards isn't it?).

I'm so pleased you're pregnant and hoping it all goes well for you.

Things with me? Same old, same old. Good days and bad. grin

jojodancer Wed 08-Jun-11 13:48:00

Poppet I live in jeans and have loved my New Look skinnies (under-bump cut) until now... I went into mat jeans very early too and they were great for a while - I'm 28 weeks now and all out front, and I can't wear them any more as they're really painful when I'm sitting down.

I bought a cheap pair (£16) of over-bump skinnies last week from Asda to give them a try & they're so comfortable! In my last pg I bought some from Mothercare and took them back as they kept falling down, but these are AMAZING!

I have since bought a pair of boyfriend cut over-bump from Asda too (£18 I think) and they're really comfy too.

Good luck - hope you find some you love, there's nothing more comfortable than jeans that fit just right!

sodthehousework Mon 13-Jun-11 14:11:49

i'm currently living in next over the bump jeans (£26 i think) as my under the bump ones kept falling down. can also recommend the linen trousers - have a pair of them for work - are under the bump but adjustable!

urbandaisy Mon 13-Jun-11 14:40:52

Another vote for over the bump jeans -- I'm a size 8/10 (except for my brand new chest which has its own post code) and when I'm not at work I'm pretty much living in Gap over the bump jeans and trousers. The under the bump ones I've tried just aren't comfortable.

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