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Into day 4 over and feeling sorry for myself :(

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knackered76 Wed 08-Jun-11 05:33:32

I know people go far more over then this. I also know that my baby is healthy. But I am feeling so sorry for myself today (I also know this is very self indulgent!). I have 2 other dc's who have been great but are finding the wait probably even harder then I am, except instead of moping about they are soooooo hyperactive with each other and getting increasingly difficult for me to get a handle on.

DH comes home every night from work and complains about how tired he is, or how his shoulder hurts, or his knee, or something that's wrong with him angry. The midwife won't take my concerns about having a big baby seriously, despite my last one being 9lb 5.5oz and I'm only 5'2", and won't induce me even 2 days earlier then next thursday.

I feel like an elephant and soooooo unattractive. It feels as though DH hasn't been near me for weeks or even slightly appreciates that it's hard for me at the moment. I am paranoid about something happening to the baby because I am over, even though rationally I know this is unlikely.

Yesterday day I felt fine, last night and today I am clearly having a melt down sad Sorry for the self indulgent, woo is me post but I don't really want to talk to anyone in RL about it. In fact I might try and find a cupboard to hide in and hope someone else comes to look after my dc's for the day smile

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Wed 08-Jun-11 06:18:58

Awww, you poor thing. I hated hated hated the last few weeks of pregnancy last time and am dreading it this time.

Would it make things worse if I got your hopes up and said that in my observations to date, the "complete meltdown" moment generally precedes imminent labour?

knackered76 Wed 08-Jun-11 11:29:31

Tortoise Oh I really hope it does smile DH noticed I was losing the plot this morning so is working from home and doing the school runs (amazing what the sight of a giant pregnant woman wailing on the bed does!). I've just had a bit of sleep and feel slightly better.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 08-Jun-11 11:51:00

I agree with tortoise, the "meltdown" is generally a sign on hormone shift so could well mean that something is about to happen. So rest lots, eat well and keep your fluids up, I think you're going to need it soon smile

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