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Bad Craving :(

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FirstimeMummy Tue 07-Jun-11 22:46:57

has anyone else ever craved red bull? i know its bad but some people say stay away complelty, but in my nhs book it says your allwoed 200mg of caffine and a small can of red bull doesnt come to that, i feel like im being bad but i really want it, is there anything anyone knows of that tastes the same?

DrSeuss Wed 08-Jun-11 13:30:03

If you want it and can have it while still staying within the guidelines just drink it! Maybe decant it into a bottle so that you can have it in little bits instead of all at once. Believe me, you have trials enough coming to you soon enough. Drink it, enjoy it!

Renaissance227 Wed 08-Jun-11 13:48:34

Don't you have another post about this?
Just drink it within reason but don't over indulge.
I like the others' suggestions in you other post!

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