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GD in late pregnancy - is this likely?

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PrincessOfWails Tue 07-Jun-11 20:35:35

So, I'm 35 weeks pg with my 2nd.
Midwife saw me 3 weeks ago, and I had sugar (glucose?) in my urine. But I had eaten a massive amount of sugar blush and she said it was probably down to that.
Yesterday I saw her because I had seemingly had a show. She wondered whether this show was actually thrush (I'm doubtful, but I'm not a medical expert!). I had blood and sugar in my sample this time. She said this would be consistent with thrush, so I'm getting a pessary.

Thing is... Would I be likely to start developing GD now? And should I be worrying or doing something?

Other lovely symptoms include my wee smelling sweet if I've had a lot of sugar.

mummysweeangel1 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:20:17

Hi princessOfWails -

i am 36 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed only 2 weeks ago with GD- i am now on insulin injections 4 times a day as of yesterday (was started on metformin last week but it wasnt doing anything at all for me other than give me runs and sickness)

i was told its definetly not uncommon for people to develop GD this late in pregnancy - your midwife should have suggested a fasting blood test to determine the sugar in the blood ? what have they said ?

hope your well

PrincessOfWails Wed 08-Jun-11 15:30:41

Thanks for that!
Well, she said she'll check me in a week and if it's still sugar, then GD testing it is. But there was the other issue - the show which may have been thrush! I'm assuming that there wasn't masses of glucose in my urine.
She's a pretty good midwife; mind you, I'm still worrying!

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