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Braxton Hicks

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MainlyMaynie Tue 07-Jun-11 19:13:36

I'm wondering how other people would describe their Braxton Hicks? The descriptions I've read of them elsewhere are very vague. The descriptions say lots of women don't notice them - there is no way I could miss mine. I hope this doesn't mean I am going to be a complete wimp in labour! They're not exactly painful, but the feeling of pressure is quite intense.

I've been getting them regularly since 30 weeks, most often in the evening. Now at 37+2 I am getting them a lot more strongly, on and off throughout the day and night. They don't feel anything like period pain (though I am getting period pain type cramps as well). They start at the top of my uterus and it is like a fist clenching as the muscle tightens and then works its way down. Now they're stronger it also feels like there is pressure on my coccyx/anus. Is this similar to what other people feel?

buttonmoon78 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:23:45

I think they vary from person to person in the same way labour does. I don't know what you're worrying about specifically with labour but would it help if I said that with all of mine (currently on dc4) they've been v strong, sometimes towards the end requiring me to breathe through them like contractions.

One MW said to me that it means your uterus has good 'tone' which can be a good thing in labour.

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